Friday, June 22, 2018

The Dark Side of 8 Killings Force

Eight Killings Force (八煞黄泉) is one of the worse environmental afflictions that generally involve the door facing of the property and the energy of the mountain in its vicinity. When there is a conflict between this mountain energy and the door, the occupants would encounter negative events or bad experience, causing extreme bad luck relating to relationships, wealth loss and personal health, such as failures in marriage, accidents, injuries, and at times it could be fatal.

“This is one Killing Force that you do not want to invite to your Home”

In current times and especially in urban areas where mountain cannot be seen, tall buildings or mega structure can be considered as alternatives where they can be served as Virtual Mountains.

As an illustration, for a South facing home, looking out from your home either through the main door or windows and you can see a tall building or mountains in the Southeast, then your home may have violated the Eight Killings Force. The negative impact will be even worse should the tall building or structure in the Southeast appears to be “aggressive” or “threatening”, such as the edge of the building is pointing directly to your home or the facing the wind gaps between 2 buildings, etc.

 A South facing apartment overlooking its neighbour in the Southeast

A house can also potentially be violating the Eight Killings Force based on the location of the Main Door and the incoming water or road coming towards the house, or perhaps a negative features or structure erected at a specific direction directing towards the house.

Generally, watch out of the neighbours diagonally from your home for Eight Killings

Although you can have a Home with good interior Feng Shui, perhaps based on 8 Mansions or Flying Stars principles, this environmental affliction could overwrite all good into bad. Hence, if you are currently looking for your new home, you should select one without violating this killing force as prevention is always better than cure.

For those whom are encountering the earlier mentioned Feng Shui problems, do consider to seek professional Feng Shui advice to negate or at least reduce the negative impact as you could have already invited the Eight Killings force to your home. 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

3 Main Home Essentials for Good Fortune and Prosperity

The 3 most important living space in a home are the Main Door, Master Bedroom and the Kitchen Stove. When the relationship between these areas are supportive to each other, it can be qualified as an auspicious house from the internal Feng Shui perspective, and this can be assessed by Yang House 3 Essentials (阳宅三要) Feng Shui principle.

"An Auspicious House is about good relationships among the Main Door, Master Bedroom and Kitchen Stove."

There is a Chinese saying in this classic: “门,主,灶互旺为吉宅”.
This can be literally translated as:
"When the Main Door, Main Bedroom and Kitchen Stove of the House are supportive among each other, then it can be ascertained as an auspicious house."
The main essentials of a house is the Main Door, Main Bedroom and Kitchen Stove

What’s the importance of the 3 Essentials?
These essentials are generally linked to the life endeavors of the occupants.

The Main Door refers to the main entrance or the “mouth” of your home, and it denotes the Wealth prospects, while the Main Bedroom is about interpersonal relationships and the Kitchen Stove on the health and well being of the occupants.

Using a typical 4-Rm unit as an illustration, this home has it Main Door in the South, Main Bedroom in the North and Kitchen Stove in the Southeast, is a Yan-Nian House (延年宅) and one of the most auspicious home blessed with good fortune, prosperity and longevity.

门坎主配巽灶: 阴阳正配富
Typical floor layout of a 4-Rm unit in the recent BTO sales launch in Feb 2018

Using a typical 4-Rm unit as an illustration, this home has it Main Door in the Northeast, Main Bedroom in the Southwest and Kitchen Stove in the East, is a Sheng-Qi House (生气宅) and a relatively auspicious home blessed with good fortune, prosperity especially in real estate, but may be prone to legal crisis and gossips. The well-being of the occupants must also be watchful based on this formation.  

坤主配震灶: 山地田
Typical floor layout of a 4-Rm unit in the recent BTO sales launch in May 2018

We all want a good story for our home, and if this is also what you want then you may consider seeking professional Feng Shui advice to own your choice home right at the first time, and begin your new life journey with your loved ones. Click here for more details.

EZ Property Selection with your Dream Home

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Short Story about Ubi Grove at Geylang

In Qi Men Feng Shui, the Main Door of a Home plays an important role to assess the wealth factor of the occupants. The financial capability of the breadwinner and the investment suitability for the entire household can generally be ascertained by the door location.

Using the 4-rm units in Ubi Grove at Geylang as an illustration, both Northwest facing homes have their Main Doors opened at different locations. The Main Door of Unit A opens in the East sector and based on Qi Men principle and is considered as an Open Door. On the other hand, Unit B has the Main Door opens in the South sector and can be considered as a Fear Door. Without explanation, their names could mean that the former has a better Main Door between the 2 homes.

Generally the unit with the Open Door would refer to a largely optimistic and progressive family. Occupants in this home will be generally blessed with more opportunities, especially relating to career prospects. Its neighbour unit with the Fear Door would bring about depression and this could cause disputes among the occupants.

Ubi Grove at Geylang - a new BTO development, sales launched in Feb 2018

The Main Door is only one essential in selecting your choice home for Wealth prospects, there are others to be part of the Home Selection equation relating to Health and Relationships, such as the Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living/Dining, etc. 

If you are currently considering looking for a new home, you might want to consider to own your dream home with Qi Men Feng Shui that can support the life endeavors not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Riding the Dragon Force for your Home with Prosperity

In our Current urban cities, sometimes we ask ourselves why some houses or shops sharing the same street or road could face different endeavors? These properties could be built side by side to each other, sharing the same street, and with more or less sharing the same or similar external environment. However, some will prosper and bless with good fortune while some may encounter misfortunes one after another.This could be a Feng Shui problem as they could have selected an inauspicious plot of land or property,

"Be Prosperous with the Dragon Force"

In order to assess the Feng Shui index of a property the Dragon Orchestra Classic (龙诀) can be one way to ascertain the auspiciousness of a property with its closed vicinity.
This technique is based on the "incoming dragon" or mountain ranges, the location of the property and its door facing. This is applicable to places with many mountains and hills, but in places when mountains cannot be seen, like in the urban cities, then road junctions can be used in this classic.

Houses taking reference to the Cross-Junction could have different Feng Shui Index

For Example
Taking reference to the Cross-Junction with the centre of the North facing House as an illustration...

House A could be tapping to the prosperous energy of the Huge Door (门) for Wealth Opportunities, and perhaps also producing smart, intelligent kids and occupants blessed with good health and long-life expectancy.

On the other hand, House B could be harnessing the Chastity (贞) energy, which is one of the inauspicious energies that could lead to potential poor health, wealth loss, unsteady relationship and might even lead to separation should the internal Feng Shui index of this house is also inauspicious.

From the above examples, both houses could be just neighbours, but the endeavors that the occupants could be facing are very different; i.e. from a prosperous outcome to a negative one.

More Illustrations
Illustration #1: 
Using Nim Collection as an illustration, both Corner Terrace Houses can take reference to the T-junction to ascertain their Feng Shui index of the property.

Illustration #2: 
Residential developments such as Sea Pavilion Residences and The Calypso, located along the same road, the residents can ascertain the Feng Shui index of their homes by taking reference to their nearby cross-junction.

So if you are looking for a prosperous property whether for own stay or for business, besides assessing the internal aspect of Feng Shui of the property, the Dragon Orchestra Classic can be one consideration in assessing the auspiciousness of a property with its vicinity.

Friday, May 25, 2018

The Eight Roads to Destruction

Eight Roads to Destruction (八路黄泉) is one of the most negative environmental afflictions that involves door facing and water exits. Water exits could be virtual water, such as roads or walk paths. The name sound scary as it is could be literally translated as “Eight Roads to Hell”. In Feng Shui context, it means the life energy or Qi is potentially been draining away from your home towards its nearby water exit. Generally, you need to beware of roads, waterway or even walk paths exiting on the side of the facade of your home.

“One of these Roads could be your Scaliest Nightmare!”

This could bring about disasters or unpleasant repercussions to the occupants relating wealth loss, well-being of the family, and may even lead to separation such as Divorce. So beware.

For example
When the main door of a landed home is facing Southwest and the road or waterway is coming from or exiting in the West direction, then this home could be potentially violated the Eight Roads to Destruction formation.

A home with the ‘water exit’ in its West could be violating the Eight Roads to Destruction

This environmental affliction is not only applicable to landed homes, but also on buildings whether they are high-rise or otherwise.

Always observe the "water exits" from the main door of the properties 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The wind is Breezy but may not be Cool with Sky Crack

In current time especially in urban areas when land is scare, property development whether for residential or commercial purposes are not only built higher, but also closer to each other.  

High-Rise housing development

Are you aware that when 2 buildings are too close to each other, it can be a Feng Shui problem or Sha Qi (煞气)?

"When strong wind blows through the gap, it is focused and could direct strong Sha Qi towards the property..."

This negative form is commonly known as the Sky Crack Sha (斩煞), and is caused by a narrow gap between two buildings that are built very close to each other.  When strong wind blows through the gap, it is focused and could direct strong Sha Qi towards the property, hence the name  - Sky Crack Sha. This will usually cause illness and injuries to the resident in the affected unit. 

Narrow Wind-Gap - Sky Crack Sha

Couple of months ago when I was accompanying my friend to check in to an apartment unit where he intended to purchase for own stay. The seller‘s salesperson would usually present the selling points of the unit; such as good facing without west sun shining into unit, closed proxity to ammenties, etc.. A particular selling point I remember was that when overlooking out from one of the windows from the Master bedroom, we could see a gap between two buildings. The salesperson explained that this could be good feature as it allows “cool” wind to direct to the unit, but in Feng Shui we know that this could be otherwise.

We observed that this wind-gap points right to the apartment unit from the northwest direction, and occupants could experience illness or problems relating to the head, bones and lung, and usually the man of the house, seniors or elderly will be most affected.

As an example, should a narrow wind-gap hits a property in the Southwest direction, then the occupants could encounter abdominal and stomach illness, and usually affect the woman of the house, mother, etc.  
Sky Crack Sha affecting the Man and Woman of the house

Hence, the next time when you are considering owning your choice home, you might want to be more observant if there is any wind-gap, especially the narrow ones which could create fierce Sha Qi pointing to your home. So beware.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Enhancing your Wealth Door with Qi Men

There are 5 essential areas to analyze in assessing the Feng Shui quality of a property. They are the Main Door, the Bedroom, Kitchen, Study Room and Balcony. Among these areas, the Main Door is the most important area as everyone in the household could benefit if the energy coming in the Main Door is positive. The rest of the essential areas should also be located in the positive areas of the house.

"When relating to Qi Men Feng Shui, the Doors can ascertain the energy quality of specific sectors in your property." 
Qi Men Feng Shui

In Qi Men Feng Shui (奇门风水), the Main Door governs the wealth prospect of the occupants, especially affecting their financial capability. The Qi Men Doors analysis is usually used to analyze the outcome of the man’s action and activities. When relating to Feng Shuithe Doors can ascertain the energy quality of specific sectors in your property. There are a total of 8 Qi Men Doors; namely Open(), Rest(), Life(), Harm(), Delusion(), Scenery(), Death() and Fear().

The 8 Qi Men Doors residing at their native palaces. Notice the red circles indicating the Auspicious doors while the pink circle indicates the moderately Auspicious door.

Example 1
Using the new residential development as an illustration, this Northwest-façing home at Rivercove Residences have its Main Door opens in the Life Door in the East, based on Qi Men Feng Shui principle. This denotes the occupants could be blessed with relative good wealth prospects and investment opportunities. 

Find out more about the Story of Rivercove Residences here.

Example 2
Using the new residential development as an illustration, this Northwest-façing home at Rivercove Residences have its Main Door opens in the Open Door in the Southwest, This denotes the occupants could enjoy relative good career advancement potentials and new opportunities opening up in their career endeavors. 

Find out more about the Story of Rivercove Residences here.

Besides the Main Door, the Qi Men Doors can also be used in the essential areas of the house, such as having the Qi Men Rest Door in the Master Bedroom could lead to better rest, enhances good family relationship and health. For the Scenery Door, this would promote family bonding and favorable to be in the dining or living room, and perhaps the kitchen.

The remaining Qi Men Doors, such as Harm, Death, Delusion and Fear Doors, may be generally classified as “inauspicious doors” where bad endeavors could be manifested in these areas, and is preferred not to have these Doors in any of the the essential areas, such as Death Door in the Main Door could mean stagnation in any of your life endeavors, like wealth, relationship and your well-being, etc. Based on the above examples, you will notice some of the Bedrooms are located in the less favorable doors.

Nevertheless, some of these "Bad" Doors can be used to enhance certain positive specific endeavors. The area where the Delusion Door resides can be used a study or work room. 

In summary, Qi Men Feng Shui can be a simple but yet powerful property selection and assessment tool to analyze and ascertain a good-value property whether it is for residential or commercial use.  

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Is your Home blessed with a Wealth Storage?

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Is your Home blessed with a Wealth Storage?

Water and Mountain are the main ingredients in assessing the Feng Shui potential of the land. There is a Chinese saying: “山管人丁水管财”, where this can be translated as Mountains govern the people aspects, such as character, health and relationship while Water formations govern the wealth prospects. Hence, a location where mountain and water are “correctly positioned” in its vicinity is always beneficial as you could be blessed with good Feng Shui supporting your life ambitions.

"In assessing the Feng Shui potential of the land, water takes precedence over the mountains."

Looking beyond The Southern Ridges greeneries with Reflections at Keppel Bay

What if no Mountain can be seen from my Home?
In assessing the Feng Shui potential of the land, water takes precedence over the mountains. Therefore, water can be regarded as an important element in determining the Feng Shui quality of a land, even without Mountain in the vicinity.

风水之法,得水为上,藏风次之 -郭璞(AD276-324)

Generally Water in the Southwest of the property could improve Wealth luck and growth, benefiting the occupants at least for the next 20 years, Feng Shui-wise. If your Home is South-facing, it will be even more auspicious, as this conforms to the water storage formula (库池水) in the Dragon Gate Water principle (龙门水法). In short, water storage here refers to wealth storage providing abundance of Wealth opportunities. Examples of water storage or bodies are Swimming pools, ponds, lake, reservoir, water fountains, etc.

As an illustration, Tampines Quarry can be served as a Water Storage for some residential developments in Tampines, such as The Santorini, The Alps Residences and The Tapestry. Homes in these development would enjoy better wealth related endeavors as the water bodies could serve as their "Water" or rather "Wealth Storage", benefiting especially those North-South-facing ones.

Taking another illustration, Pandan Reservoir could be served as a Water Storage for Parc Riviera and Twin Vewbenefiting homes especially those South-facing units in these residential developments for better wealth related endeavors.

From the above examples, Water bodies or catchments could be a good feature in your neighbourhood. And if you are lucky, it could be your Wealth Storage providing abundance of Wealth opportunities to you.

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