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Is your property affecting your wealth and health?

The Eight Killing Forces (八煞黄泉) is one of the important negative environmental principles in the study of Feng Shui. Most will observe this important principle when it comes to environmental inspection.

"The 8 Killing Force is one force that you don't want to affiliate with... "

Whatever good Feng Shui your Property might have that is in compliance to the Xuan Kong Flying Star (玄空飞星), 8 Mansions (八宅风水), Yang House 3 Essentials (阳宅三要), etc, once the property violates the Eight Killing Forces, the resident will be more prone to people and wealth problems, mishaps such as accidents and sickness and often could also lead to money loss. This is especially more prominent for specific years especially if there are also negative forms or features; like the T-Junction roads, Straight road heading towards your property, telecommunication centres, power stations, etc in the direction as specify by the violation.

The following is a consolidated list of the 'Eight Killings Force’ translated from the above Chinese verse.
The listing is based on 8 general directional readings
A more precise reading is possible based on the '24 Mountains' Readings.

Generally, the list shows that for the Eight Killings Force direction in relation to a specific house facing of the property. So be watchful of any negative features and forms in this direction.

As an example, if your home is facing South, and look out from your windows in the Southeast direction and you "see" busy road junction, building edge, or windgap between 2 buildings, etc, then you may have violated the Eight Killings force.

Using a Northeast facing property as an illustration, this property having the Main Door in the East sector might have the potential violating the Eight Killing Forces. In addition, there is also a Building edge from the neighbouring block pointing directing to the Main Door. Furthermore, there is also a residential development site under construction in the East of the property.  To worsen the situation, the nasty annual 5 Yellow Sha (五黄煞) is also residing in the East sector of the property. 

With all these above negativity, it is not difficult to convince that the property could have violated the Eight Killing Forces. The residents might encounter or more prone to misfortunes and unpleasant problems in that year. 

Coincidentally and unfortunately, the aggressive annual 5 Yellow Sha also meets the month 5 Yellow Sha in the East in March, creating a nasty "Double 5" effectforming a very critical combination which even more prone to bringing mishaps, loss of money and lives.

A Northeast facing property (坤宅) with the Main Door in the East
In Summary, from the Feng Shui perspective, the Eight Killings Force is one of the more important principles that needs observation. If you have watched the movie: StarWars, there was a popular phrase: MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU. Here, the Eight Killings Force is one force that we don't want to affiliate with ....

If you are currently searching for your new home, you might consider having the Eight Killings Force as one of your check list in the property search. 

Should you are currently experiencing similar problems as mentioned earlier, then you should seek professional Feng Shui advice to negate or reduce this negative situation. 

For more details of a Feng Shui Consultation, read more here.

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