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My Personal Guide Notes on the Power of Numbers 2
My Personal Guide Notes on the Power of Numbers is no ordinary eBook but a course within it. This eBook reveals the technical know-how about the basic knowledge of this amazing discovery on the Power of Numbers using examples in a Visual and Map approach.

The amazing discovery on the Power of Number is neither about Astrology nor related to any existing Numerology Science whatsoever. The discovery is about the Science of Numbers. It is based on statistics and analysis of millions Date of Birth after World War II in the mid 20th century till today. The Dates of Birth derive many different number patterns and combinations that reveal different meanings and outcome on a person’s personality and endeavors in life. To date, thousands have learnt and heard about this discovery, and many were amazed by it.

What's New in the 2nd edition eBook
1. The 2nd edition eBook will be available in a format readable by Windows and Mac system as well as mobile devices friendly.

2. New topics and their relating examples are added.
  • Power 123
    • people with these powerful numbers have the ability to lead, communicate and take actions.
  • Peach Blossom trait
    • a charismatic trait for people who have the ability to be loved by their supporters, especially from the opposite sex.
  • High Sexual Desire trait
    • this high sex drive trait is self-explanatory, but do you have these numbers and what are they?
  • Famous Celebrities Numbers
    • these numbers are commonly found in celebrities, the rich and famous.

The eBook with free access* to the Love at Hand analyzer!
* Note: Free Access to Love at Hand analyzer is available to all My Personal Guide Notes on the Power of Numbers (2nd edition) eBook purchaser through invitation only.

I hope that this eBook can provide a basic introduction to the science of numbers and also serve as a complimentary know-how guidance based on my understanding and consolidated experience. So grab this opportunity to learn and rediscover not only for yourself but also for your loved ones, family members, friends, your boss and whoever are interested with this amazing Science of Numbers.

If you are interested to learn more about Numerology, then My Personal Guide Notes on the Power of Numbers eBook could be for you. Bear in mind that this is not just an ordinary eBook, but an eBook with the knowledge that may change the your life endeavours. Welcome to the World of Numbers!

Your Life Story Analyzer
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Your Life Story (Lite) Analyzer provides a fast and easy way to access a snapshot of your Personal Self with Numbers right in your own hands. Using your Date of Birth, it reveals a brief analysis of your General Personality and Traits, as well as your Hidden Character. It also reveals information about what you might be encountering this year. 

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