Know Your Wealth Capacity

Your Personal Wealth Dashboard provides an indication of your Wealth Capacity for the coming years
Personal Wealth Dashboard consolidates an individual’s Wealth endeavour based on BAZI principle - a Chinese Astrology on Life Analysis, derived from your Date of Birth. This dashboard hopes to provide what is our personal wealth capacity that we are blessed in this current thriving times. Hopefully by being aware of what we have, can prepare us to seek good opportunities should they arise in the coming years ahead. On the other hand, would also help to minimizing the negative impact should the Wealth Index is low in a specific year; hence not making important changes or decisions involving wealth related investment or opportunities, like investing in a new property, starting a new business, switching over to a new career path for a better pay packet, etc.

For example, you are considering into a new property investment. And when your Personal Wealth Dashboard provides a good indication that your wealth capacity is strong in the next few years, then you could be encountering more wealth related opportunities coming your way, and probably a good time to be in a lookout for a good-value investment as the chances to ‘discover’ a good property is very high. 

If it isn’t, even if you managed to find a good-value property, you might not be given the opportunity to own it. 

I'll always believe that..
"The house chooses the buyer, and not the other way around.” as it all boils down to your affinity to the house. 

Hence, when you are intending to start an investment portfolio, probably it will be good to first "see" if the Wealth Luck is with you. 

Personal Wealth Dashboard complements Personal Directions Dashboard seamlessly!

The Personal Wealth Dashboard provides WHEN you could be encountering better Wealth related opportunities and Your Personal Directions Dashboard would show you the WHERE-TO Knowledge you need to grow your wealth with easy to implement Personal Wealth enhancing techniques based on your Date of Birth.

Personal Directions Dashboard revealing the Personal Directions of an individual  

Case Study #1
Personal Wealth Dasboard for an Individual born on 03-Jun-1976
This individual born on 03-Jun-1976, has a relatively High Wealth Capacity. This means that she would encounter more wealth related opportunities from her career or businesses in the coming 5 years ahead.

Case Study #2
Personal Wealth Dasboard for an Individual born on 20-Jul-1974
This individual born on 20-Jul-1974, has a relatively “Roller Coaster like” Wealth Capacity. This could mean that he has to be more cautious as he would encounter more turbulence on wealth related matters, for example from his career or businesses in the coming years ahead. In other words, it also means that he will have to work harder than others to achieve his expected goals, and probably not to make important decisions relating to wealth in those years where his Wealth Capacity Index is Low or in the Red!

A Thought to Remember
Awareness + Preparation = Opportunities

Your Life Compass for a Smooth Path Ahead

Your Life Compass for a Smooth Path Ahead
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