Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Are you a suitable Sales candidate?

Many a time, whenever a business grows or expands, or whatever reason it might be, there is always a tendency to employ or reappoint more sales persons to the organisation. As in most cases, a suitable candidate in the Sales and Marketing sectors or careers that are related to “Talking”, should have an excellent presentation, interpersonal as well as negotiation skill, not forgetting having a vast pool of value contacts, networks and supporters.

Generally in Numbers Metaphysics, people involved in any business or career that relates to “Talking” will usually prefer to have one or more 2 and 7 in their Life Chart, as 2 represents Talking attribute and 7 represents Supporters attribute. Both numbers also have the potential to attract people from the opposite sex.

Therefore, if a person tells you that he/she has a lot of contacts and supporters, or has a vast business network or many good connections, take a look at his/her Date of Birth as there is a high possibility that it has 2 and 7 in the Chart, else he/she would have exaggerated the facts and creditability about himself/herself.

An example of a Life Chart of an individual whom Date of Birth is 29 Feb 1960 (29/2/1960).

This person has more than one 2 and 7 in the Life Chart. His career requires him to talk and interact with many people and have many supporters and fans. He is a very successful international peak performance coach whom has delivered numerous large scale seminars. He has also used infomercials to promote his products, seminars and programs.

Based on his career endeavors, there is no doubt and also convincing that people with 2 and 7 in the Life Chart, are more suitable to be in "Talking" related business, like Sales and Marketing, as well as has the ability and charisma to attract many supporters.

People without these numbers do not mean that they cannot do well in the above -mentioned business, but they might encounter more resistance along the way.

Before concluding this article, there is also 4 in the chart. This is a planning number which denotes that he is a planner and also love to give words of wisdom to others. Hence, his suitable career as a peak performance coach. Read more about him.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Other Side of You

Have you being wondering what other behaviour and traits that your close friends, your colleagues, or even your family members might have that you are not aware of. Don’t be surprise if a person who is very kind and polite at the work place, might be very aggressive, impatient and temperamental at home. Sounds familiar with these?

So what is the other side of you, or what is your Hidden Character? In Numbers Metaphysics, the hidden character of a person can be calculated using his/her Date of Birth.

How to compute ?
To compute the Hidden Character using the Date of Birth, add the Month of Birth and the first 2 digits of the Year of Birth together and then reducing it to s single digit.

For Example:
A person who was born on 13/08/2001 (in dd/mm/yyyy format).

The Month is 08.
The First 2 digits of the Year is 20.

0 + 8 + 2 + 0 = 10

1 + 0 = 1

With reference to the above person whom Date of Birth is 13/08/2001, the Hidden Character is computed to be 1.

A person with Hidden Character 1 is lonely but does not like to be alone. If this person is your child, for example your little girl, then you should spent more time with her, as she will feel more happy with company. She dislikes loneliness, and just want someone to be around, probably because of boredom or experiencing a sense of insecurity.

Below is a summary of unique keywords that relates to the Hidden Characters.

To enable you to find out the Hidden Character of a person easily, the Your Life Story with Numbers – Lite calculator in my website is able to assist you to reveal this Hidden Character with the Date of Birth in greater details other than those keywords as shown in the map above. Feel free to try it.

By knowing the Hidden Character of those people around you, it allows you to know them better and be more conscious and confident in interacting with them.

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