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Home Plan Series: An Iskandar Residences Story

The article hopes to serve as examples to help Homeowners and new House-buyers to better understand their Dream home with the help of their property’s Floor Plan and Classical Feng Shui principles. Every Home tells a story. What is yours?
Iskandar Residences, Medini - located in Iskandar Malaysia
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Using a 3 Bedroom Unit in Iskandar Residences at Medini as an illustration. Based on Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui Principle, this South facing* Period 8 property has the important areas of the unit, like the Main Door, Kitchen, all Bedrooms are well located in the Good sectors.  
Home Plan of a 3 Bedroom Unit (TypeC1, Stack5 in Tower A) in Iskandar Residences, Medini
indicating the good and less favourable sectors.
Although the Living area is initially assessed to be in the less favourable area, this can be easily be fixed with Feng Shui technique so that they are usable and acceptable.
In additional, taking reference from Yang House 3 Essentials (阳宅三要), this unit could also enjoy Long Term Feng Shui, as its Main Door, Master Bedroom and Kitchen are well located and supported by each other. This unit can be graded as an auspicious unit (生气宅), which could foster good Children luck, Property and Wealth growth, Longevity for the residents.

In Yang House 3 Essentials (阳宅三要), it conforms to Good Long Term Feng Shui.
生气宅: 艮门坤主配艮灶 - 地山田产多进益, 艮灶与门主比合, 吉

Generally, this development comprising of 2 Towers and a total of 640 units can be considered as South facing, owing to the allocation and their units’ layout. However, some units of the same type and size could be “mirrorred” while some units are oriented in such a way that their windows or balcony are facing East instead of South. In other words, not all units in these development conforms to Feng Shui principle, and hence some units would need more attention than the other.

This is the Diagrammatic Chart of Iskandar Residences, Medini TowerA.
Units in Stack 5 and Stack 6 belong to the 3 Bedroom Unit Type and of the same Size,
but their Floorplans are mirrored. Do you think they enjoy the same Feng Shui?
Similar to what was mentioned in my earlier Home Plan Series articles, if you are interested or have already own a unit in Iskandar Residences, you might consider to better understand your Dream Home; know its Story and review if further improvement is needed, Feng Shui per se.

Click here for more details about the EZ-Home Analysis with Feng Shui, and here if you want to know more about  Iskandar Residences, Medini.

* Note: The facing direction of the 3 Bedroom unit is based on the Diagrammatic Chart and Site Plan provided by the developer.

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Ushering Good Fortune through your Main Door

3 Bedroom Type C units in Iskandar Residences, Medini 
In Feng Shui, your Home can be generally graded as Good or Bad based on your Main Door’s position as it is the Main Qi Mouth of your home; i.e. the Main Entry to your home. It is like our mouth where it is the Main entry to our body. Hence, what goes into our body via our mouth is important, and so does the Main Door, as it will affect our well-being as well. Hence, the positioning of the Main Door plays an important role in ensuring a Good Feng Shui home.

Using a 3 Bedroom Type C unit as an illustration in Iskandar Residences, Medini, although the Floor Size and Unit Type are the same, their facing and orientation are different and their grading as a good Feng Shui home are also different.

Example #1:
This Unit has a Good Main Door in the NE sector. Generally, this would usher good investment luck to the occupants.
A Good Main Door in the NE sector of South facing home in Period 8

Example #2:
This Unit has an unfavorable Main Door in the NW sector. Generally, this would bring in health problems to the occupants.
A Good Main Door in the NW sector of South facing home in Period 8

Example #3:
This Unit has a Good Main Door in the SW sector. Generally, this would usher good wealth luck to the occupants.
A Good Main Door in the SW sector of South facing home in Period 8
With reference to Xuan Kong Feng Shui (玄空风水) principle, these are South facing homes in Period 8. Both units in Example#1 and #3 are analysed to have a better located Main Door in the NE and SW respectively. Although unit in Example#2 have the Main Door located in the less favourable sector, this negative impact could be reduced with more Advanced Feng Shui technique. But again if you have a choice, it would be wise not to select this and later follow up with additional renovations or changes to your dream home.
In Summary, the Main Door location places an important role in defining a good Feng Shui home. For the same floor size and type, but with different orientation or facing, the grading of the home could be different. Besides Main Door positioning, the locations of the Kitchen and Bedrooms are also important factors in defining a good property.

Above all, always be mindful that the external environment plays a up-most important role in defining a Good Feng Shui property. Always remember, if you do not have hair, you cannot perm hair.

Hence, a home with a well-positioned layout could best be supported from a good External Environment.

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