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Home Plan Series: A Natura Story

The article hopes to serve as examples to help Homeowners and new House-buyers to better understand their Dream home with the help of their property’s Floor Plan and Classical Feng Shui principles. Every Home tells a story. What is yours?
Natura @ Hillview
Using 2-Bedroom Unit in Natura @ Hillview as an illustration.Based on Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui Principle, this South facing property has all the important areas of the house, like the Main Door, Kitchen and Bedrooms are well located in the Good sectors. Although the Living Area may not be as good as the other sectors, if there is no negative forms in the external environment directing to this area, then it is acceptable. These could also be resolved with Feng Shui principle to enable this sector to be better and usable.

Based on the Home Plan, the Southwest is the Later Heaven sector, which is the wealth sector of this unit. This means that if there is incoming water or a road at the southwest, it would bring about an increase in wealth opportunities.

Home Plan of a 2-Bedroom Unit in Natura @ Hillview

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The information represented in the article is an analysis based on my personal views which provides you with a general overview of some of the property recommendations using some of the new project launches or existing properties based on Feng Shui principles. It should not be final and liable to dictate one’s decision concerning in selecting their property.
For a detailed analysis, you are advised to consult a professional Metaphysics consultant. We will not be responsible to you or any third parties for any direct or indirect, consequential, special or punitive damages or loses you may incur in connection with this analysis. You will bear the risk of any liability relating to this analysis.

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A Home where Long and Short Terms Feng Shui meet

The Meeting of Long Term and Short Term for good Feng Shui
All properties are not built equal. Even they are of the same unit type and size, their facade and position with reference to the external environment and surrounding neighbours made them unique and different. In this article, using a 3-Bedroom Unit of Cityscape @ Farrer Park (花拉公园市景楼) as an illustration to discuss a property that could enjoy good Feng Shui in the long and short terms basis.

With the recent rapid housing development, there are thousands if not hundreds of new properties emerging every day. Whether they are public or private residential launches, buyers are given more choices to select their choice homes, and on the other hand, more difficult decisions arise as well. Besides looking for a good buy as a good-value investment, but also a conducive property as their Dream Home with close proximity to amenities, good schools and well-connected transportation network to the rest of the island with highways, trains, buses, etc.

Yang House 3 Essentials (阳宅三要) Calculator
All properties are not built equal. They could have the same unit type and size, but their facade and position with reference to the external environment and surrounding neighbours made them unique and different. What is good for you may not be suitable for your neighbours. In addition, there is a Chinese saying: 风水轮流转. It literally means that Feng Shui is dynamic; what is good Feng Shui for a property may be bad later, and vice versa. Hence, if you and your loved ones are intending to stay on your dream home for a long period, like for the next 10 – 20 years, then you might consider to select a home that enjoys good Feng Shui in a long term basis. Should you are fortunate enough to own a property that conforms to both long term and short term Feng Shui, then it will be a great bonus to the family. The question is: Is there a property like this in the market? It is not easy, but yes, there are if you know how to qualify one.

Feng Shui is about accessing the external and internal environment through observations and analysis with an objective to fulfil your life endeavours.

Below are 2 examples, that demonstrates a property that conforms to Feng Shui not only in a long term but also in a short term basis.

Example 1
Using a 3Bedroom Unit of Cityscape @ Farrer Park as an illustration,
this unit conforms to Yang House 3 Essentials Feng Shui (阳宅三要).
兑门艮主: 延年宅 - 泽山增福小房荣
With reference to Yang House 3 Essentials Feng Shui (阳宅三要) – a Long Term Feng Shui principle, this unit can be seen as a Yan-Nian house (延年宅) with a Tian-Yi Kitchen (天医灶). All the important areas, like the Main Door, the Kitchen and the Master Bedroom are well-positioned in the good sectors, conforming this Feng Shui principle. There is a good affinity and supporting each others among themselves.

What is Good about this unit?
It fosters good people and wealth luck; produces intelligent children, family harmony, good fortune and wealth accumulation, and longevity. It is graded as one of the most auspicious home, based on this Feng Shui principle.

In additional, this unit has a Tian-Yi Kitchen, commonly known as a “Heavenly-Doctor” kitchen that fosters good health for the occupants.

Based on the above analysis, this unit could best suitable as a family home for multi-generations. It is favourable for family that wants to start-up a new family, has elderly folks, or people who want to improve their personal health. It is really an ideal home for people in every walks of life.

Example 2
Using a 3Bedroom Unit of Cityscape @ Farrer Park as an illustration,
this unit conforms to Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星).
With reference to Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星)  - a Short Term and Dynamic Feng Shui principle, this unit can be seen as a good South Facing Period 8 property. The Main Door, Kitchen and the Bedroom3 are well-located in the good sectors. Although an initial assessment shows that the Master Bedroom, the Living/Dining and the Bedroom2 are not as good as the Main Door, they are still qualified as relatively good and acceptable.

Flying Star Chart of a South
Facing Period 8 Home
In Feng Shui more advance technique, with just minor rearrangement to the furniture and fixtures, this living space in this unit are all usable, could conform to the principle and enjoying good Feng Shui for many years ahead.

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