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Is your Property enhancing Wealth with 5 Ghost?

Do you want Five Ghost to Carry Treasure to you?
In ‘Five Ghost Carry Treasure’ (五鬼运财), we are not talking about 5 ghosts carrying treasure for you, but it is just a saying in the Chinese Metaphysics classic that refers to one of well guarded trade secret which qualifies a property to be ‘blended’ into the environment auspiciously whereby it will provide residents with a ‘good’ living space to increase their wealth luck in a short time span.

In Classical Feng Shui context, the “5 Ghost” refers to the Chastity Mountain (廉贞山) and the “Treasure” refers to the Huge Door Water (巨门水), hence the verse: “山龙廉有向, 水龙巨门见水that denotes this Wealth Enhancing Technique. What its means in a simple explanation is about interacting the facing of the property with the Mountain and incoming Water in the vicinity auspiciously.

Overlooking Bukit Timah and Jurong Hill from a home in Jurong West

Example 1:
If your property is facing South (S2, 午), and there is an incoming ‘water’ flowing towards your property from the Southwest (SW3, ), and there is also mountain or hill located in the Northeast (NE2, 艮) direction, then your property could be conforming to ‘Five Ghost Carry Treasure’.
Five Ghost Carry Treasure (五鬼运财) – a powerful wealth enhancing tools in Classical Feng Shui

This technique can also be applied for your home or commercial offices to bring wealth luck. However, there is a need to interpret the direction, mountain and water a little differently.

Example 2:
The Office layout could be conforming to ‘Five Ghost Carry Treasure’; i.e. the Office door is the ‘Water’ in the Southeast (SE2, ), and with the tall, heavy file cabinet in the Southwest (SW2, ) as ‘Mountain’. The Desk and Chair where you will be seated is facing East (E2, ).
Five Ghost Carry Treasure (五鬼运财) can be implemented in Homes and Commercial Offices for Wealth Luck.

Using with Other Metaphysics system
The effect is even more obvious when other systems of Feng Shui are also incorporated into the analysis. As in Example 1 illustrated above, the locations of the Mountain and Water also conforms to the Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星) where the Southwest and Northeast are currently 'Timing' and suitable to have ‘Water’ and “Mountain’ in these locations respectively. In additional, an auspicious date (吉日) must also be selected to initiate this wealth-enhancing technique.  

Five Ghost Carry Treasure’ being one of the most powerful tools in wealth enhancement, is rather complex. It will take some experience to implement it correctly to get the best possible result.

For those who are interested to grow your wealth in Feng Shui, you can contact a qualified Feng Shui practitioner to assess your property with this Wealth Enhancing Principle, or you can engage a Property Consultation to know more about your Home Story, its Strength and Capabilities as well as its weakness. Click here for details.

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