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Is your Home Period 9 ready?

Many new homes that were launched in recent years, some already poised for occupancy and others just a few years away. Those ready before 4-Feb 2024 embody the distinctive charm of Period 8 homes, while those after seamlessly usher in the sophistication of Period 9 living.

Just like every child has a day of birth, so does your home. When you move in, that becomes the 'date of birth,' guiding the energy flow within.

"Unlock Prosperity: The Significance of a Period 9 Compliant Home"

Why the important?   

We believe in placing essential areas like the Main Door, Bedrooms, study, and Kitchen in auspicious positions within the home. Imagine wealth in the living area, relationships flourishing in the Bedroom – it’s Feng Shui excellence.  

As the Chinese saying goes, '风水轮流转' - Feng Shui varies over time. What's good now may not be forever, especially as we transition to the auspicious Period 9 in the coming years.

For example, the Wealth sector of your home will not be the same when entering Period 9. And what can be a favourable bedroom for good health could be otherwise as the energies residing in the living spaces of the home in both Periods are different.  

An East-facing Home Plan in both Periods

Using the above floorplan of an East-facing Home, as an illustration, its Main Door is located in the West sector of the unit. This can be considered a Wealth Main Door in Period 8 (from 2004-2023) represented by Chart A, where the occupants can enjoy Good Feng Shui, especially relating to Wealth-related matters. However, if it is a Period 9 home as represented by Chart B, the Main Door will be qualified as an inauspicious door. This could bring about unfavorable events, and bad endeavors to the occupants, such as illness, financial loss, mishaps, etc.

Generally, it is impossible to change the ‘date of birth’ of the home if it is part of the condominium or apartment development, with the exception of landed properties. Some will be thinking, in order to benefit from a Period 9 home, will they need to move house then?  

The answer to this is that for houses that were built before 4-Feb 2024, it may not be necessary to change house, but they can consider reassessing their home if it is also Period 9 compliant, perhaps with some minor changes, whether it is a new or existing home.

It will be preferred to do your research to find out if there is any impact on your existing home. Perhaps you have just purchased your new home or considering owning one that will be ready in a few years' time. 

Besides reassessing your home by yourself, seeking professional advice from a Feng Shui practitioner can also be another option.

Considering a "health check" of your home for Period 9 compliance?

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Home Feng Shui for Period 9

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