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Sleep, Health and Feng Shui

Sleeping in your Fu-Wei (伏位) Direction could foster calmness and recuperation.

The Bed is where we sleep and rest at the end of the day and for us to recuperate and prepare us to manage the following day activities.

Generally about one third of our day is spent in bed, which is closely interrelated to our health and living-hood. Hence the placement of your bed plays an important role as it could affect you in your daily life; if you have not been sleeping enough for the past few days, besides have a “Panda” eyes, you just feel rather lethargic and a tired look.

Therefore, in the olden days, people have acknowledged the important and defined many rules in bed positioning within your bedroom with an objective to have quality sleep with Feng Shui.

In 8 Mansion Feng Shui (八宅风水), an individual whether Man or Woman can be classified into 2 groups; East Group or West Group. And in each groups, there are 4 good directions and 4 bad directions. It is recommended to sleep in alignment to one of your personal good directions - Fu-Wei (伏位). Fu-Wei could foster calmness and quietness, suitable for sleeping and resting, and hence ideal for bed placement.

An example:
If you are a woman and born in 1985, then your preferred direction is to have your Bed Headboard facing South.
A Li Gua (离命人) fire person with Bed facing his/her Fu-Wei (伏位) Direction.

The followings summarize the preferred Bed placement of an individual based on their Date of Birth. In 8 Mansion Feng Shui, people can be grouped in 8 types, and each type has a preferred facing direction for Bed positioning. Please be mindful that this is one of the methods to define a good bed positioning in Feng Shui.  
The Bed Placement for the Zhen(), Li(), Dui() and Kan() persons. 
If you are a Zhen Gua person (震命人), you bed facing direction is East.
The Bed Placement for the Kun(), Qian(), Xun() and Gen() persons. 
If you are a Gen Gua person (艮命人), you bed facing direction is Northeast.

Selecting an auspicious date for Bed Positioning (安床择日) could help to improve your life endeavors.
What's left to do for the placement of bed is probably to select an auspicious date to fulfill the cosmic trinity luck of Heaven-Earth-Man (天,地,人) for good health and fortune. 

Wish you have a Good Night sleep…. and No more “Panda” eyes!!

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