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Enhancing Health with the Heavenly Water

South facing home receiving Early Heaven Water in the West direction to enhance Health luck

With the recent awakening of Iskandar, Malaysia, it opens up many business opportunities into this region. As such more and more property development are offering to the market for investment as well as choice unit for retirement. With this sudden surge of properties offering to the property sector, one must be prudence in selecting their dream home or as a good-value investment.

To compliment the earlier article about enhancing Wealth, this article is about selecting your Choice Homes that could improve People luck and Health matters, great as a retirement home criteria.

In Classical Feng Shui, the 4 most important factors about Feng Shui are Location, Building, People and Time. If we are able to find a property that conforms to these factors, then the property can be considered conforming to good Feng Shui.
The 4 Important Factors about Feng Shui
Some will argue that property investment does not need Feng Shui as it is just an investment instrument. But do consider the following statement:

If you are thinking of investing in a property, which other people say that it has unfavourable Feng Shui, and when you buy it, you must also consider when you resell it.

The following is a consolidated list showing the House Facing with their respective Early Heaven Direction.
List of House Facing with respect to their Early Heaven Direction

For a South facing home, if the West of the property has waterway or road and this water flow or traffic moves pass the front entrance of your home, then your property could have been receiving “Early Heaven Water" (先天水). In Feng Shui context, it governs People matters, and receiving this water would foster people luck and heath related issue, such as it would improve personal interpersonal relationship. If the property is a commercial or retail shop, it would provide a more conducive business environment.

For example, if your home is North Facing, then your home’s Early Heaven Direction is in the West; if it is facing Southwest, then the Early Heaven Direction is Northwest.

Taking a closer look into Kempas Heights @ Taman Kempas Indah as an illustration, this North and South facing development could provide some limelight. Some of the units in this site could benefit from the surrounding environment, by receiving good energy source or “Early Heaven Water”. This indicates that the residents could enjoy better health endeavours.

Kempas Heights @ Taman Kempas Indah, Iskandar Malaysia
Do you know if Kempas Heights able to benefit from the external environment?
Something to note about Kempas Heights
Generally this development comprises of North facing and South facing homes. Do you know which facing would benefit more from the surrounding environment in wealth and health, and which might receive the negative side of it?

Using Bestari Heights @ Nusa Bestari, Nusajaya as another illustration, some of the 2-Storey Landed Cluster Homes in this development could be receiving the Early Heaven Water, conforming Long-Term as well as Short-Term Feng Shui principles. Hence, a handful of these homes in Bestari Heights could qualify as a perfect get away and also great as a retirement home, located in the highly coveted Iskandar Malaysia development region. 

Bestari Heights @ Nusa Bestari, in Iskandar Flagship B, Nusajaya, Johor Bahru Malaysia

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