Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Attracting Wealth to your Home in 2018

The Southeast is the Wealth sector of your home in 2018

"In 2018, the Wealth sector is located in the Southeast sector of your home."

As we have just welcomed 2018 Lunar New Year, and many may have already started work, hoping for a prosperous year ahead.

Some if not all will want Wealth to be first in their “To-Have Checklist”. The next Question is how to obtain or at least improve your Wealth luck this year?

One of the methods is through Feng Shui. In 2018, the Wealth sector is located in the Southeast sector of your home. The Main Door of your home or office located in this sector will bring good financial growth and returns from your business, work and investment.

If the Main Door is not located in this sector, you can still make use of this sector more frequently. It could be your workroom, study area, just be there and make use of this sector more often.

Beside wealth endeavors, you and your family members may also want to achieve other goals this year. Consider using the Southwest sector to climb the corporate ladder in your career, or perhaps a study place in the South sector of your home for academic pursuits, especially for your children. At times, a little helping hand can be beneficial when in need. You can consider using the Northwest sector of your home more often for more Nobleman luck or Helpful people luck.

If you are wondering why there is no recommendation of what items or objects to place. The answer is “Not Necessary”, and it is about using these good sectors more often.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ushering into the Earth Dog Year with Prosperity

Receiving these auspicious energies on the 1st day of Chinese New Year

When it comes closer to the Chinese New Year, most if not all will be interested to know where would be the best time to receive the God of Wealth (接财神), so that they will be blessed with Good Wealth luck for the year.

In Feng Shui context, the God of Wealth is referring to auspicious energy, and receiving the God of Wealth is about harnessing the auspicious energy at the right place and at the right time. Simply open the windows and doors at the specific direction to allow the life energy to enter and circulate within your home, hence receiving the God of Wealth (财神). Besides Wealth, you can also receive the good energies of the God of Nobility (贵神) and God of Happiness (喜神). The God of Nobility can help you to attract “helpful people” or nobleman help, while the God of Happiness to encounter more happy events or improve better relationship related matters with these energies.

On the 1st day of Chinese New Year which falls on the 16th of Feb this year, the Wealth energy will be flying in from the South, while the Nobility and Happiness energies from the Southwest and Northeast respectively around midnight. The prefer time will be between 12 midnight and 12:59 am.

In Traditional Chinese practice, many would have their wishes or prayers for the lunar new year carry out at this time. However, if you don’t practice the praying ritual, it is fine and not necessary as it is about tapping into the energies. Hence, as mentioned earlier you might want to open your house windows and door in these directions, have some activities there or simply facing these directions so as to “receive” these good energies in these directions, and looking forward for a great year ahead!

Wishing you a Prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year!

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