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Where is your Intelligence Sector?

Where is your Intelligence Sector (文昌位)?
The Intelligence Sector or commonly known as Wen-Chang Wei (文昌位) is for anyone who wants to improve their intelligence, to assist in excelling in their academic pursuit or study luck. Generally, anyone can tap into this sector to improve their wisdom and hopefully assist to open their minds, seeking for more opportunities and better decision-making.

How to Tap to the Intelligence Sector?
In order to tap to this, we can have the study room situated in this sector, study desk locating in this place, facing this direction, or simply stay more often in this sector for your study.

In the olden days, some Feng Shui masters do suggest that in order to improve academic luck, one can also place various types of writing brushes/pens or various types of writing stationeries (文房四宝in the Intelligence Sector. Some would recommend having water-filled vase with 4 water-grown plants, like the Dracaena Sanderiana and commonly known as the Lucky Bamboo (富贵竹). Alternatively, some simply place a fish tank in this sector.

A more subtle method to tap to the Intelligence Sector
is to simply spent more time in that area.

There are also a few ways you can harness the Intelligence Sector. They are as follows:

Property’s Intelligence Sector (房宅文昌位)
This is always fixed with respect to the property. This is beneficial to the all the family’s members. The Intelligence Sector can be based on the your house's orientation conforming to Xuan Kong Flying Stars principle. For example, if your house is facing South, the Intelligence Sector of your house is generally in the Northeast.

Annual Intelligence Sector (流年文昌位)
This is dynamic, and the influential strength is stronger. However, this is a little troublesome, as the Intelligence sector will change every year. In 2015, it is in the Northwest sector, and in 2016 it is in the West.

This uses your personal natal chart details or Bazi (八字). In simple terms, it uses your Year or Day of birth. This is more popular and commonly used by people as compare to the other 2 ways. The reason is that this has a stronger effect on you as it represents you as an individual. Furthermore, you do not need to change the Intelligence sector every year.

Personal Intelligence Sector (个人文昌位)
The Personal Intelligence sector is more for people who know how to compute with their personal natal chart details or Bazi

To make things simpler, I have consolidated the Intelligence Sector based on the Year of Birth as shown below. 
Table showing your Personal Intelligence sector with respect to the last digit of your Year of Birth.

Example #1
If your child is born in 2004, then his or her Intelligence sector is in the Southeast sector (SE3) of your house.

Example #2
If you are born in 1969, then your Intelligence sector is in the West sector (W2) of your house.

To get things more personal, you can also determine your Personal Intelligence sector with your Day of Birth. Regardless of what's your computation, it is best to have your Study place/desk in the Intelligence sector. If it is not possible, you can consider using this area more often, like surf the internet with your Notebook or Tablet, reading a book or newspaper in this sector; just simply spent more time in this space. 

If you are not sure, then you can still fall back on the first 2 ways; i.e. the Property’s Intelligence sector (宅文昌位) and the Annual Intelligence Sector (流年文昌位). Alternatively, you might consider seeking professional advice from a Feng Shui consultant. So till then, happy study luck…

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Friday, May 13, 2016

A Story with the Power of Qi Men

Recently, a friend of mine had told me that their new Home was ready for key collection and asked if I could recommend a housing salesperson to market his existing home. I had intended to refer one of my agent friends to him, and tried to arrange for a meet-up session among them. Unfortunately, owing to his tight schedule, the session was postponed and the meeting was repeatedly changed.

I could sense that my friend is a little upset but did not voice his unhappiness. He then mentioned about his concern and asked for a Qi Men Forecast about the engagement outlook.
A Qi Men Chart representing 2-May-2015, 10.30pm
The forecast result is not favourable. This can be represented by the West palace (dotted in Red), where the Death Door (死门) and the Death & Emptiness (空亡) resided. In this palace, Death Door and Death & Emptiness could mean stagnation and all plans & actions can be void respectively. Not a pleasant sign. Anyway, even if one is not a learned Qi Men enthusiastic, a reading like this could also mean the outcome is not good. 

I must emphasize that this does not mean the salesperson is not capable, but might not be available to take up the task at this instant of time.

He then asked if there was solution to this issue. Based on the Qi Men chart, another salesperson would appear rather soon through a recommendation from someone senior. There was also sign that the house could be sold in a very short time, probably not weeks, but days. True enough, this person was recommended by another friend of mine who was a senior in the industry to market the house, and within days the house was sold.

Well some will say that the above incident could be just a mere coincidence, but it could be the work of Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) - placing people “in the right place at the right time” to achieve a specific goal or an outcome that we desire. What matters most is that this had help to facilitate the sale of the house, and also lead to a happy seller!

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