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Water - the Wealth Catalyst

Water is an important tool and essential of Feng Shui. There is numerous Feng Shui formula based on Water as it is considered an Active Component. The role of Water naturally relates to activation or movement, and therefore is to activate, circulate and move the life energy or Qi in the environment, externally or/and internally.

A practitioner would commonly use it to implement remedial actions as Feng Shui cures or enhancement for homes, as well as commercial entities.

Many people would perceive Water as Wealth. There is a Chinese saying: 近山贵,近水富 where it can be translated as “You will be blessed with good Fortune if you live near Mountains, and good Wealth luck if near Water”. Hence, properties facing water will usually command a premium comparing to those without a water or pool view.

Overlooking the Marina Reservoir from Marina Bay Financial Centre
In Feng Shui, there are many Water Feng Shui formula, and the Early and Later Heaven Water principle (先后天水法) is a Water formula widely used by Feng Shui practitioners to assess the quality of Feng Shui in the external environment. Properties conforming to Early Heaven Water principle would bring about good People luck while conforming to Later Heaven Water principle would bring about good Wealth luck.

As an illustration, some of those Residential houses (circled in Red) along the River Thames could be blessed with relatively good Feng Shui conforming to the Heavenly water principle. Residential housing developments in Area A and B with the incoming water from the West while for Area C from the North, would potentially receive the Later Heaven Water for better Wealth endeavours, provided the homes are built in certain specific directions conforming to this water formula.

Residential housing developments along River Thames, London

In the urban cities or towns where road and highways are commonly seen, generally they can be considered as “Virtual Water”. These are not the replacement of Real Water, but its importance will be more significant when there is an absence of water in the vicinity.

As an illustration, some of the apartments in this residential housing could be potentially blessed with the Later Heaven Water principle with the incoming road from the Southwest.

Residential Apartments with the road coming from the Southwest

It is important to take note that only certain specific directions would benefit from the Heavenly Water principle. As water can be a double-edge sword, it could be beneficial to the occupants, but also could be destructive. For example, Water approaching towards or exiting from the properties in a specific direction may also be violating environmental afflictions, such as the 8 Killing Force (八路黄泉), the Peach Blossom Sha (桃花煞), So beware.

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