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Nobleman Help in Times of Need

In everything you do, there's usually someone helping you succeed, alongside your own hard work. This help might be obvious or subtle, but it plays a big role.

By looking at your birth date and home layout, we can figure out where in your home you're likely to get extra support and nobleman luck.

Example# 1
If you were born on August 14, 1974, your Day Master is Ding (丁火- Yin Fire). Your personal nobleman areas in your home are derived as Northwest 3 (亥-NW3) and West 2 (酉-W2) which are in the Living/Dining and Bedroom 2. 
Home Plan indicating the Nobleman sectors of an individual

How to benefit from your Nobleman sectors?
Spending time in these areas while you work or do important tasks like planning your business or communicating with clients can help you attract even more good fortune as you pursue your goals.

Finding Your Day Master
You can use the Feng Shui DNA analyzer to find out the Day Master for yourself, your family, and anyone else. Just visit this link:

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