Monday, July 25, 2011

Is your Property sitting on the Death and Emptiness Lines?

The Main Door of the property is facing North (0 degrees, North2) direction and might have violated one of the Main Cardinal Death and Emptiness Lines.
The Death and Emptiness Lines (空亡线) are degrees in the Feng Shui compass that do not foster good Qi or Life energy. These lines are to be avoided. Main door and Properties, e.g. residential or commercial buildings, tapping to these lines indicate that the Qi is unstable and will not be resided in these properties; i.e. your property might not be able to channel in the Qi or Life Energy from the external environment. Whatever good Feng Shui assessed in the vicinity are void.

Therefore, if a property faces any of these directions, then the House Qi map whether it is a Xuan Kong Flying Stars Chart or a 8 Mansion Chart, etc., is not usable. 

If you are using a compass or Chinese Lou-pan, you might observe that the needle of the Lou-pan would spin or move erratically. With "no or unstable Qi" in the house, some would claim that the property could be "haunted".

An illustration showing the S3 (丁) and SW1 (未) directions (circled in Green) with the bearing: 202.5 Degree separating these 2 sectors. The 202.5 degree is one of the 8 Major Death and Emptiness Lines.

As an example, couple of weeks ago, someone has written to me that he had bought an apartment unit which is facing a Jade-Belt water (玉带水) structure, a good Feng Shui water formation (玉带环腰) where water curves and circulates around the properties. With this water formation in the proximity, it could usher life energy or Qi to the site, fostering more Wealth & Investment opportunities as well as Career advancement.

However, the property is also seem to be facing in between Southwest1 or South3 direction. Although, in Feng Shui context, both facings are represented by 2 different Qi Map or House Charts; like the Xuan Kong Flying Stars or 8 Mansion Chart etc, and the Qi residing in the property differs, but this also indicates that this property might have a higher chance of sitting on the Death and Emptiness Lines where the Qi is rather unstable.

There are various groups of the Death and Emptiness Lines and are stated as follows:
4 main Cardinal directions that indicate the North (0 degree), South (180 degree), East (90 degree), and West (270 degree).

8 Major Death and Emptiness Lines are the directions that separate the 8 trigrams and are listed as follows in degree:
22.5, 67.5, 112.5, 157.5, 202.5, 247.5, 292.5, 337.5.

There are also minor Death and Emptiness Lines that separate the 24 Mountains or sectors with each sectors measured at 15 degrees. The negative impact of these lines are not as detrimental as the 4 main cardinal directions and the 8 Major lines.

Residential properties facing these directions are more prone to health, wealth and people issues, like marital or family problems, sickness, business setbacks or failures, etc.

So, if you are currently looking for a house, it will be a good practice to ensure that your dream home does not sit on any of the undesirable Death and Emptiness Lines, or you might invite "unnecessary guests" to your home.

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