Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is your Property facing a 'Reverse Bow Water' (反弓水)?

Reverse Bow Water (反弓水) or commonly known as Reversse Bow Sha (反弓煞) is about water-flow like waterways, river, etc, moving pass in the frontage of the property with the incoming water movement crashing towards the property and as it passes the property, the outgoing water leaves the property in a curvature manner, like a reverse bow formation.

Beside water, roads and highways are also considered as virtual water, and Reverse Bow Sha (反弓煞) can also apply to the properties facing these curvature roads and highways towards them.

Why it is Bad?
The water movement is like a bow like structure pointing towards the residents whom properties are facing this water formation. It is with a dangerous feeling. Hence, the term: Reverse Bow Sha (反弓煞).

In the Feng Shui Classic (地理五诀), there is a saying about Reverse Bow water:
离乡淫乱为军盗, 流到明堂向外弯。水发由来端忌此, 反跳不值一文钱。In the old days, this refers separation, migration, adultery, thefts, pirates, wealth loss, etc. In the Snow Heart Classic (雪心赋), another ancient classic on Feng Shui, also mentioned that Reverse Bow water may also mean that the residents could first be blessed with good fortune, but might encounter unfavourable endeavors in their later years.

In today context, the residents may feel uncomfortable and are more prone to separation. In additional, there is also a tendency that the residents having difficulty in wealth accumulation. These may lead to affecting the residents people and wealth luck in the long term basis.

More Illustrations on Reverse Bow Sha (反弓煞)

An illustration of a Property/Site (circled in Green)
that might violate the Reverse Bow Sha (反弓煞).

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