Friday, July 8, 2011

Is your Property facing a 'Road Crashing Sha' (路冲煞)?

An illustration of a Road Crashing Sha (路冲煞)
When there is waterway or road coming directly towards the property, it could have invited the Road Crashing Sha (路冲煞) or T-Junction Sha.

There is a Chinese Saying:

The above explains that it is bad to stay in a property with the main door facing directly at the T-Junction road, as one would not escape bad luck, and might even suffer lives threatening endeavors.

If the incoming traffic is slow moving, then the potential threat is lower and may not even pose a problem, but in reality is still very much accident prone. Hence, the residents are more prone to money losses, accident, bloodshed and even lives threatening enendeavours.

Property facing an incoming road
Why it is Bad?
In our modern city with heavy traffic movement, it would arouse the disturbance of the magnetic field in the near vicinity; i.e. the heavier the traffic, the more intense the disturbance, it would increase the instability of the energy field in the area, the residents, especially those staying in the property directly facing the incoming road with heavy traffic, would feel rather uncomfortable.

Imagine every time when you open your main door and see lots of traffic coming directly towards your property, you would feel uneasy and gradually buildup a lot of undesirable stress and pressure to yourself and your family members.

These would affect the well-being and career advancement of the residents whom would be threatened, challenged and hindering their endeavors ahead.

More Illustrations on Road Crashing Sha (路冲煞)
Property (circled in Green) is facing a relatively long incoming road,
an illustration that might violate the Road-Crashing Sha (路冲煞)

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