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Good External Environment for Good Feng Shui

The Power of the External Environment
The External Environment plays an important role in Feng Shui. About 70% of the Feng Shui assessment is from your property’s External Environment, and the rest is from the internal aspect of your property.

If you do not have Hair, you could not be going to a hair salon to  perm hair, right? Similarly, if the surrounding environment of your property is less favourable, then what Feng Shui enhancement you have done in your home could be put to waste.

Your property could be a landed house or a unit in a high-rise condominium development. If the external environment does not have a good source of energies empowering and supporting your property, then what Feng Shui enhancements and remedies you could have done in your home might not be producing your expected results.
An illustration of the Power of the External Environment supporting the cities and township.
In the study of Xuan Kong Feng Shui (玄空风水), the quality of a site or region changes with times. What is good now could be less favourable in the future. In Feng Shui, every 20 years,  there is a Qi transformation. Currently we are in Period 8 (八运), which governs from 2004 – 2023. The more prominent sectors that could be influenced in this period are the Southwest and Northeast.

As an example, whether it is owing to the period 8 or a mere co-incident, in the past couple of years, drastic changes and vibrancy can be observed in Punggol and Sengkang which are in the Northeast region of the island. Infrastructure and Connectivity, like housing, amenities and transportation network are improving day by day.
Build-To-Order Housing Development along the Punggol Waterway
Another area that is beginning to take shape is in the Southwest region – the upcoming Jurong Lake District and Jurong Gateway - an initiative to develop into a major commercial hub, with unique new leisure destinations.
The upcoming Jurong Lake District
How’s about the next period – Period 9 (九运) that governs 2024 – 2043? The prevailing Qi would be shifting from Southwest and Northeast to North and South. This seems to be in preparation as there are plans for development of the Southern Waterfront cityIn fact, changes have already progressing along Shenton Way region, where office towers are changing hands for future mixed development or are relocating to the Marina Bay Financial District. A lot of movement and transformation are happening the Southern region. 

More development can also be sighted In the North. A good example is the Woodlands Regional Centre in the North, and the cross-border Rail link to Johor Bahru.
The Woodland Regional Centre in the North of Singapore with proposed Cross-border Rail link to JB. Source from URA website.

Beyond North will be the growth of Iskandar Malaysia. Many catalytic development are also happening; like the building of a World in 1 City - Nusajaya and within this city are the SiLC (Southern Industrial & Logistics Clusters), PineWood StudioLegoland in Medini and the Family Theme Park in Puteri Harbour. By the way, Puteri Harbour also has a popular tagline as the Sentosa Cove-like living in Iskandar, and many more....

Some of the future and progressive Development in Iskandar Malaysia

Whether the development is a real estate site, a township or even a city, generally should the external environment “assessed” to have good energies, you can then take a step further into assessing the details of the internal aspect of which property or units within a development are better; i.e. which one could tap into the good energies from the external environment and benefit from it, enjoying good Feng Shui in the current period and beyond.

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