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Knowing more about your Basic Self?

The Day Master (日元) of a person reveals who you are
and denotes your basic character and personality.
The Day Master (日元) reveals who you are, and it denotes your very basic character and personality. There are a total of 10 Day Masters, and every and any people can belong to one of these Day Masters. 

Although people could have the same Day Master, or rather the same Date of Birth, they could have exposed to different environment, the people they interacted, and the decisions they have made, and many other factors, could have changed their destiny and personalities in life. However, sharing the same Day Master could also means sharing similar basic traits and characteristics. As an illustration, a leopard has spots and it kills. This is it basic nature and traits. Have you ever heard or seen a leopard that feeds on “veggie” and doesn’t kill?

When the Day Master is read together with the Root number; i.e. the personal number from the Science of Numbers, it could provide a more detailed analysis of the person combining the best of both Metaphysical Sciences.

The followings are illustrations revealing some of the basic traits and personalities of these individuals.

This individual born on the 26-Apr-1940 is an Earth person (己土, Ji Earth) and belonging to Root# 8. This person is a righteous and trustworthy loyalist as well as a person who is well-connected, resourceful and creative.

This individual born on the 9-Mar-1948 is a Water person (癸水, Gui Water) and belonging to Root# 7. This person is a lucky networker who  can attract many supporters especially from the opposite sex, as well as a person who is wise, quick-witted and intuitive.

This individual born on the 7-Feb-1940 is a Metal person (庚金, Geng Metal) and belonging to Root# 5. This person is a charismatic and practical leader as well as a person who is altruistic, wilful and adventurous.

This individual born on the 12-Feb-1954 is an Earth person (己土, Ji Earth) and belonging to Root# 6. This person is a family-oriented and supportive diplomat as well as a person who is well-connected, resourceful and creative.

In the study of Chinese Astrology – BAZI, the Day Master (日元) is the most important reference point for life analysis and it is basically representing our Day of Birth, revealing our very basic character and personality in a different angle through Metaphysics. By understanding yourself better, it would help to better manage and make better decisions, with an objective to lead you to a path of least resistance to your success in life.

Our Day Master reveals Who We Are …

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's your Priority for your Dream Home - Wealth or Health?

When it comes to apartments, screening and selection of a good property is extremely important. As compare to a landed property, apartments are more restrictive in terms of renovations or any personal wishful “rectifications” to the property. For example, you have no control over where the swimming pool is to be located if the apartment site does has one in the vicinity.

After the apartment conforms to the environment, the building's facing has been ascertained, and the best floor is determined for the owner, it's time to view the unit and check out the forms around and in the unit itself.

Again, it's the forms that impact on the unit’s main door that concern us. The unit’s main door should not open in an area with negative forms; like a door that is opposite the stairway, an air-void or air-well, and should be located in a good sector and open to a good direction, preferably with reference to the owner’s Date of birth.

Fine-tuning can be done by taking into consideration the main door of the unit, the bed location and the stove location. These 3 considerations are the most important when selecting a good living property.

With the restrictive limitation of the apartment, instead of investing in a unit and then fixing it later, would it better to invest in a unit that would not require or at least with minimum rectification to the forms of the unit? Everyone will definitely prefer to select a good value property, and therefore it is best to get a suitable property at the first time; i.e. Firstly, find a good area, and select an apartment or condominium in the area with favourable landforms around it. Then select a unit that is suitable for you and your loved ones, and preferably a unit that conforms to good Feng Shui.

A balance between Wealth and Health. What is your priority if you can only choose one?
Classical Feng Shui can be used to assess a property, ascertaining and facilitating the flow of Qi within the unit so that it is beneficial to the residents. With Classical Feng Shui, we can assess whether the Main Door, the Bedroom and the Kitchen’s Stove conform to good Feng Shui. If these areas are residing in the good sectors and the residents are also using these areas, then the residents could enjoy good Feng Shui in this property. Here, the important keywords are Usability and Action.

With reference to the following Floor plan of an East-facing Apartment, this unit is well positioned with good internal Feng Shui, conforming to the 8 Mansions Feng Shui principle (八宅风水) which leads to  good Wealth and Health. This apartment not only foster good interpersonal relationship and nobleman luck, but also create more vitality to the residents with vibrant Qi in the Living/Dining area, and good conducive Bedrooms for resting, especially the "Healthy" Master Bedroom where the Tian-Yi (天医) resides.

A Floor plan of an apartment that is well positioned with good internal Feng Shui, conforming to the Feng Shui principle of 8 Mansions (八宅风水) which leads to a Wealthy and Healthy property.
I must emphasize that you may not be able to meet a property that has all areas in the good sectors as there is always imperfections. It is alright as long as more good sectors are available and usable in the unit then the bad ones. For example, you may have one of your bedroom falls in the bad sector, but your Main Door, the Master Bedroom and the Kitchen conforming to the Feng Shui principle, then this property is still consider relatively good, Feng Shui per se.

Fernvale Riverbow @ Sengkang. Source from HDB website
As an illustration, the below floor plan shows 2 East-Facing units, with good Main Doors where Qi can be ushered into the units through these Qi mouths. This is an extract from the recent BTO launch - Fernvale Riverbow @ Sengkang. Generally, both have relatively good Feng Shui, conforming to 8 Mansions Feng Shui (八宅风水) principle.

Unit A has a good Tian-Yi (天医) Main Door and Yan-Nian (延年) Master Bedroom, with one of the Bedroom in the Sheng-Qi (生气) sector. This unit can be considered to be focusing on Good Health, as Tian-Yi (天医) is also known as the Heavenly Doctor that governs Good Health. A Yan-Nian (延年) Master Bedroom that fosters good Matrimony Relationship, and probably the Sheng-Qi Bedroom can be used as a Study-Room or a Home-Office where active and vibrant Qi residing in this room and could help one in achieving their objectives and endeavours.

Similarly, Unit B can be considered as a unit that focuses on Wealth aspect as it has a Sheng-Qi (生气) Main Door in Feng Shui context. It has a Tian-Yi (天医) Bedroom that fosters Good Health and is best suitable for families that have elderly members or seniors. There is also a Yan-Nian Living area that promotes good relationship. The Master Bedroom falls in the Liu-Sha (六煞) sector, a sector that promotes Peach Blossom luck (桃花运), but in a stronger and much faster pace. Using this Master Bedroom in a long-term basis might invite extra-martial issues as the Peach Blossom may be too strong. However, it may be good for couples that want to bring back their lost love and affections to each other.

Both Unit A and B enjoy relatively Good Feng Shui but with different priorities; Unit A focuses on Health and Unit B on Wealth aspect.
The illustration shows that you must first set your priorities in what you want to achieve and your expectation in life from the property. Always don’t jump into the final conclusion that all areas when first assessed to be bad are not usable. At times, a bad sector; like a bedroom can be made usable just by simply rearranging the bed or installing a fixture; e.g. a screen or partition, to redirect the flow of Qi within the area. However, it does not means that you need to rectify and decorate the area with expensive objects and figurines, as Classical Feng Shui is not an Item-based science. 

With the release of many more units from the recent and future housing project launches whether private or public housing; like the recent development plans for Build-To-Order (BTO) HDB project launches, prospective home-owners must be prudent and caution in their investment, At the end of the day, people always want their investment to grow and appreciate in value in the long run, and selecting a good-value property with good Feng Shui provides an additional option to safer guard your property investment.

In summary, 
"One should always select their Dream Home right at the First Time"...

Take the first step to analyse the Wealth and Health of your Dream Home

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