Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is your Property facing a 'Wind Gap' (天斩煞) ?

An illustration of a Wind Gap (天斩煞)
Building A is facing a Gap between Building B and C
In the current times where land are scare, more and more buildings and apartments are built not only higher but also closer to one another. Hence, inevitably some of these property development could be affected by the impact of negative Form Sha-Qi.

In the study of Forms Feng Shui (峦头风水), Tian-Zhan-Sha(天斩煞) is a negative feature or Sha-Qi (刑煞) where residents' units facing a wind gap between 2 high-rise buildings. The width of this gap is too narrow for cars to pass, but big enough as an alley for people to walk through.

Why is it Bad ?
It's all about the flow of Qi. It is like pouring oil into a bottle through an oil funnel in a concentrated and filtered manner. Imagine if the flow of Qi or strong wind is penetrating through the wind gap between the 2 buildings and depending on the intensity of the strong wind, will be directing the undesirable Qi or strong winds to the facing units.

The residents whom their units are facing this wind gap would be constantly influenced by the impact of the Sha-Qi. They will be are more prone to sickness, accidents and injuries that may be caused by sudden trip or fall.

More Illustrations on Tian-Zhan-Sha (天斩煞)

Properties facing the Wind Gap (circled in RED)
between 2 Buildings would be affected by the Sha-Qi (天斩煞)
fostering to Bad Feng Shui
As an illustration, the building (marked X) is facing a narrow
wind gap and could be affected by the Sha-Qi (天斩煞)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Selecting a Good Property - Harnessing Water at the Right Time and Place

Eight Courtyards @ Yishun
The article in this series serves as an example to assist home buyers to qualify for a good investment property or properties that could enjoy good Feng Shui and good Return on Investment or ROI with a mean to hedge against inflation. It also acts as an illustration to share the knowledge of Classical Feng Shui principles that could be used to assess a good property. This is based on the recent Eight Courtyards at Yishun and Waterview at Tampines.

Generally, it is always favourable to have your property near natural and real water bodies. Water bodies can be water pond, waterway, etc, and it is should be clear and slow moving for water flow. If there is no natural water to be seen near the vicinity of your property, then have one or made one in your courtyard, like a swimming pool, pond or an aquarium in your living space.

Siteplan of Eight Courtyards @ Yishun
As an illustration, the 3 tower blocks (circled in Red) facing the swimming pool in the centre from the Southwest, East and North, could be benefiting from the water at the Right Time and Place. Furthermore, they are also protected from their neighbouring blocks on both sides. 

In the current times, many commercial developments, such as the hotels, mega shopping malls, as well as many residential housing sites have water bodies near or within them, like the water fountains, swimming pools, etc, They are usually located either outside the properties facade or within the building site. There are numerous Chinese sayings, like “穴前明堂正中处,喜得丽水聚天心” and “水聚天心,富贵万金”, etc. These verses literally mean that it is always good to have water in the property’s facade or within the development site, ushering Wealth luck to the residents.

Waterview @ Tampines
Although it is good for a property to near “water”, at some situation, it is unfavourable to face one as it may influence the Wealth and People luck of the residents based on Feng Shui perspective. We have now in Period 8, which starts from 2004 to 2023. Units facing Southwest water are always superior to others. Besides Southwest, units facing water in the North, East and Southeast are also suitable choices in this period of time.

In additional, try to avoid selecting units facing too close to the building edges of your neighbouring blocks, especially if the edges are pointing directly to your unit, as it may affect the well-being of the residents.

Till then, happy home hunting….

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Where do you put the Water Aquarium for Good Feng Shui?

An example of the a SW facing housing development is the
Waterway Terraces II @ Punggol.
Source from HDB website.
Water (水) is an important element of Feng Shui. In the Burial Book (葬书), an ancient classic on Feng Shui, there is a Chinese verse: 乘风则散,界水则止. This is literally translated as Qi is dispersed by the Wind and gathers at the boundaries of Water. This best describe that in Feng Shui, water plays an important role in the gathering and collection of Qi. It is also used as a mean to “block” and redirect Qi, as well as to neutralize or minimize the impact of Sha-Qi (煞气). Therefore, water is mostly used in Feng Shui to activate, circulate and maneuver Qi. In additional, Good Water generating Sheng-Qi (生气) must be quiet, gentle, and clean. Besides free flowing, it must also be slow moving.

Site Plan of Waterway Terraces II @ Punggol
Source from HDB website
Everyone wants a good living and comfortable spaces called home. They will want their property to enjoy good Feng Shui whether as their Dream Home or an valued-investment with good future returns or ROI (Return On Investment). Practising long term Feng Shui on your property can gradually help to minimize negative impact and bad influence.

However, as Feng Shui is dynamic and cyclical, what good Feng Shui now, may be Bad later. Therefore, ascertaining good Feng Shui in a short-term period becomes important, especially for those who want to see quicker results in Feng Shui. Hence, qualifying a good Feng Shui property for both long and short-term basis will be highly beneficial to the residents.

A Qi Map or Chart of a Southwest1 facing Period 8 property with Xuan Kong Flying Stars
The Unit's frontage is facing the waterway and open greenery park.
Xuan Kong Flying Stars is one of the San-Yuan Feng Shui system, highly focuses on the transformation of Qi in a specific time period. This Feng Shui principle is best suitable for people who want to improve their property Feng Shui in a specific period of time.

We have now moved to Period 8 starting from 2004 to 2023. The Southwest location is a good sector for Southwest facing properties in Period 8. If there is water in this location, it will bring about more opportunities in wealth generation and career advancement within this period. Water is best to be real and natural from the external environment, like waterway, ponds, swimming pools, etc. But if the external environment does not have water, then an aquarium or water/fish tank can be placed in the southwest sector of the property. This is specifically applicable to Southwest1 (202.6 – 217.5 degrees) facing property in Period 8.

Alternatively, should the southwest sector is not available for water, then always check if there is water in the North outside your property. If no, then try to locate an aquarium in the North sector.

This is an example of a 5-room unit in the Waterway Terraces II @ Punggol. With reference to the above Floor Plan of a Southwest1 facing Period 8 property, the Qi map reveals that it is best to locate water, like an aquarium or water/fish tank, at the Balcony or near the Main Door.

As a matter of fact, the Main Door is already located in a good sector of a SW1 facing unit in the current Period. Furthermore, the windows of the Bedrooms and the Balcony are also Southwest facing the waterway and open greenery space or park in the building's frontage, which are timely and a good feature in Period 8.

Please be mindful that all matters have 2 faces. Water can improve your Property Feng Shui, but when administrated wrongly can also bring undesirable impact to the residents as well.

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