Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to unlock the secrets of a person?

Unlock the secrets of a person with Qi Men Forecasting
Not too long ago I met a friend of mine in a gathering party. We were “chit-chatting” to catch up old times. Somehow our conversation led to Internet Gambling, Money Lending and Debts. This touched her nerves and shared her personal experience.

Recently, her niece was heavily in debts and was asking her for help. She wanted to turn over to a new leaf and to start afresh with a new life, and promised to repay her through monthly installment over the years as the amount is quite substantial.

Question asked…
She was asking me for an opinion if her niece is credible and will she honour to repay her in the end should she help her to pay his debts?

And the Answer…
Using Qi Men forecasting as a basis, a Qi Men chart was set-up. And the answer is “NO”. She was surprised and interested to know the WHYs.

Qi Men Hour Chart revealing the person current endeavors with Black Tortoise in NE palace.
Based on Qi Men, the chart revealed that her niece could not be trusted as the Black Tortoise () was in her. This represents that this person has a “Cheating” characteristics at the moment, and would “rob money" from her, might not be physically but indirectly.

The chart also shows that she was persuasive and convincing in “marketing” her current encounter to seek help, and could get what she wanted successfully. I would suggest to her that it is not a good idea and be more cautious in the lending, as she would not be able to recover her money. However, my friend still proceed to help to pay her niece’s debts, owing to family ties.

Recently, I got to know that till to date, her niece had never repaid her and still asking for more monetary help. 

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

A High Park Residences Story at Fernvale

High Park Residences and its Water facilities
Generally, properties facing "water" will usually command a premium pricing in terms of the value of the properties. Many will agree that "water" view is beautiful and some will tag it with a view worth millions of dollars. People will usually link water and wealth together as there is a popular saying: "Mountain governs People luck while Water governs Wealth luck" (山管人丁,水管财). Hence, in many new residential development, units with water or swimming pool view are usually very popular and the first to be sold.  

In most if not all residential development, water bodies are commonly found in the vicinity, such as swimming pools, Jacuzzi or fun pools for the young, etc.

Site plan with the water flowing to the pool surrounded by residential buildings.
Using the newly launch High Park Residences at Fernvale as an illustration, this development has a unique water formation. Water bodies are built and spread across the development and owing to the land elevation, water is flowing in a snake-like formation from the higher ground and gathering at the pool at the lower ground.

In Feng Shui context,  there is a saying: 九曲入明堂,当朝出首相This can be translated as "When water flow towards the property in a snake-like formation, the occupants would become the next Prime Minister!" In current context, it is not about becoming the next Prime Minister, but because of the good energies being brought in and gathered at the pool by the incoming water, it provides a relative good living environment for the occupants to excel in their life ambitions and in return improving their wealth endeavours.

Therefore, properties that are surrounding the pool at the lower ground would benefit most as this is where the life energy or Qi would gather. However, not all will benefit owing to the water location and the direction of the incoming water towards the properties. This might create an impact in the well-being and wealth aspects of the occupants. Nevertheless, there is no prefect home. So be more cautious in selecting your dream home with your priority in mind.

In addition, some of the units would be conforming to Ushering the Officer Water (催官水法) - a Classical Feng Shui principle for Wealth Enhancement with water. Based on this principle, you might be lucky to select one that could produce wealthy, honorable people and talented children.
Do you know which pool view units will benefit from the Ushering the Officer Water?

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