Monday, May 2, 2011

Do you want a Better Feng Shui Property, Long Term?

Waterway Terraces II @ Punggol
Waterway Terraces II at Punggol is a generally a Southwest facing BTO (Build to Order) property development, with the greenery garden park and the Waterway at the frontage. Some of the apartments in this development could be riding on the good timely Period 8 (2004 – 2023) wave, based on Feng Shui principle.

A typical Floor Plan of a 5-Room Unit

As an illustration, we will be assessing a 5-Room Unit in the Waterway Terraces II using Yang House 3 Essentials (阳宅三要) Feng Shui principle. This property enjoys good Feng Shui on a long term basis, and it is beneficial to the residents. This can be qualified as a Sheng-Qi House (生气宅), a good Feng Shui property with the Main Door and Kitchen in the North and Master Bedroom in the Southeast. They are all situated in good locations in the property, fostering good people and wealth luck.

The above illustration shows that both the external and internal environment are in compliant to good Feng Shui principle, and is beneficial to the residents on a long term basis.

坎门巽主: 木水荣华发女秀 - 门,主,炉相生,大吉

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