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A Treetrail Story at Woodlands

In Classical Feng Shui, the external environment plays an important role in ascertaining the quality of a home based on Feng Shui. Some of these units in Treetrail enjoying good Feng Shui from the external environment.

What’s in the External
As an illustration, some of the South-facing apartment could be benefiting from the hill or higher ground in the Southern Mandai area. If the bedrooms are in the South sector overlooking this hill or higher ground through the windows from the room, then the occupants will experience general good health and well-being.

Mountain/Hill can be seen in the Southern Mandai area
What’s about the Internal
Using the 4 Room South facing new BTO Apartment in Treetrail @ Woodlands as an illustration, the Main Door, Kitchen and Bedrooms are relatively well-positioned with a less favourable Living/Dining area based on an initial Feng Shui assessment. 

However, you might notice that the Main Door is facing the Kitchen entrance. This is one of the internal form Feng Shui problems that needs to be remedied as this would bring about Wealth related problem to the occupants, as there is a Chinese saying: 开门见灶,钱财多耗. So beware.

Main Door facing Kitchen Entrance will bring health-related problems
What to Watch Out this Year
To add onto the above illustration, as the South facing apartment has the Main Door opened in the Northeast and Master Bedroom located in the Southwest, this provides an indication that the home could have disturbed one or more annual afflictions this year, i.e. the Tai-Sui (太岁) in the Master Bedroom and the 5 Yellow-sha (五黄煞) as well as the Year Breaker (岁破) at the Main Door. 

When one of these annual afflictions is violated, the consequences could have aggravated the negative energies in this area, such as renovation works, and this might lead to accident, injuries or bring about health related problems to the occupants for the rest of the year. Hence, you should select an auspicious date for renovating your home this year.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Importance of a Good Home Layout

Ascertaining your Home with good Feng Shui Index
Nowadays, the size of our home has generally getting smaller comparing to the same unit type in the earlier years, and as such it will be important to have a more efficient floor layout. It will be ideal to have a relatively square or rectangle layout without any missing sectors. In Feng Shui, besides having a good layout, it is also preferred that the Main Door and living spaces, like the Bedroom, Kitchen, Living/Dining to be located in the relatively good areas in the property to support the occupants to improve or work towards their life goals. Among the living spaces, the Main Door is the most important area, as it is the main entrance to the property and usually known as the Qi mouth (气口) of the property.

On the other hand, if the living spaces are in the less favourable areas, then the occupants will be exposed to the negative energies residing in these areas. The residents could face problems relating to their well-being, wealth and career matters, etc. These might lead to homeowners selling their properties, some at a loss while some even at a greater loss especially luxury homes recently, owing to job loss, weaker rental market, poor business performance, etc.  

Hence it will be preferred to have not only an efficient floor layout, but also with good living spaces with a good Feng Shui index.

Case Study 1
NW2 Facing Home in Period 8
Based on Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui, the Floor Plan of this Northwest-facing (NW2) unit shows that the Kitchen and Bedroom 1 are located in the Good sector, but the Main Door is in the Bad sector. Although the Master Bedroom and the Living Area are also located in the less favourable sectors within the property, they are still acceptable with a minor rearrangement of the fixtures and furniture. 

What's the Main Door in the South sector denotes?
This can result in lots of problems related to money, such as problems with gambling, tax evasion, debts, etc, should negative forms be seen outside the Main Door and might violate the annual afflictions, like the 3 Killings, 5 Yellow Sha......

Case Study 2
S2 Facing Home in Period 8
Similar to Case Study 1, the same Floor Plan is used for analysis and in this Case Study, the unit is facing South (S2). The Floor Plan shows that all the important areas are well-positioned in the unit with exception to the Bedroom 2, which is still acceptable. Basically, this property can be considered as a home with a good Feng Shui index.

What's the Bedroom 2 in the Northwest sector denotes?
This provides an indicative sign of wealth loss and financial ruin, as well as accidents-prone, injuries, etc, should negative forms be seen outside this bedroom. 

Examples of Common Negative Forms in the external environment could be Building edges from the neighbouring blocks, massive construction site, highways, busy cross roads, T-junctions, monsoon drains, etc.

Analysis Summary:
Comparing to the Unit in Case Study 1, the unit in Study Case 2 is a better unit to own as the residents could enjoy better Feng Shui.

Case Study 1 and Case Study 2 also show that units of the same Floor Plan but with different unit’s facing could have a different assessment outcome, Feng Shui per se.

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