Monday, August 8, 2016

Are you inflicted with a Feng Shui Problem?

Generally, people apply Feng Shui to their Homes and Offices with an intention to improve their current endeavours or for good fortune, while some would want to remove or at least reduce any negative impact that they are facing. There are also a large community of people whom claim that they do not practice Feng Shui and yet leading a peaceful life without encountering many major issues. Many will still “question” whether does Feng Shui work or even exist. Nevertheless, whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, many people are aware of it.

Some of the common telltale signs that Feng Shui problems that you could be facing are as follows:

If you or your family members are encountering a series of issues arise one after the others, like falling sick, and sickness could be serious and recursive after seeking medical advice. Some might face “obstacles” in your career or businesses, disharmonious relationship or sudden frequent argument among the family members or with friends, etc.

The above mentioned would happen after you have moved into your new Home or Office, or probably a construction site near your home, or a renovation work that your have done to your home, or your neighbours may have just upgraded theirs recently.

Beware if you have a construction site near your home or office as Feng Shui problems might be knocking at your door
If indeed you are fitted into any one of the above situation, then you could be most likely endearing a Feng Shui problem, and the negative influence might surface within the next 3 - 6 months or even shorter. 

The seriousness of the Feng Shui problems will also depend on the negative influence especially with the annual afflictions of the 3 Killings (三煞), Tai-Sui (太岁), Year Breaker (岁破) & 5 Yellow-sha (五黄煞). These annual afflictions could also be activated by your neighbours. So beware.
The Five Yellow and Year Breaker residing in the Northeast where the Main Door is located this year

For those whom are moving into their new homes or existing owners who may have facing the above telltale sign(s) as mentioned above, then you might consider to seek professional advice with a Feng Shui consultation to facilitate for a smoother occupancy. Click here for more details.

A detailed Feng Shui Consultation for a smoother occupancy

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