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How to improve your Love Luck?

Enhancing your Peach Blossom Location is 1 of many ways to improve your LOVE Luck
When we talk about Peach Blossom (桃花), it will always link to marriage, romances, interpersonal relationship, extra-marital affairs and adultery, etc. Whether it is good or bad, one way or another we all need some Peach Blossom luck. When a person is blessed with Peach Blossom luck, he or she would seem to be more like-able by others, and they don’t simply shine away from the crowd.

For example:
For Sales or Businesses, a person with Peach Blossom luck on your side is definitely a bonus point and a better chance in sealing a deal or contract, than those whom lack this “like-ability” luck.

So do you want to find out where is your Peach Blossom location (桃花位), and to how to activate it?

Peach Blossom Location (桃花位) with the respective Animal Sign
From BAZI (八字) context, you can find out where is your Peach Blossom location based on your Day of Birth.

For example, 
If you are born in the day of the Tiger, Horse and Dog, your Peach Blossom location is in the East.

To activate and improve your Peach Blossom luck, simply
Use the Living Space more often
and probably some water to enhance the effect

If you are not familiar or does not know what is your BAZI or rather which day of the animal sign you are born, then you might consider using your Year of Birth to calculate your Peach Blossom location, although the Day of Birth is a more preferred choice.

As an example, based on the above chart, if you are born in the year of the Rooster, your Peach Blossom location is in the South, and if you are born in the year of the Goat, then the North is your Peach Blossom location.

Making use of your Peach Blossom is one simple way to improve your Love luck. There are others. For those who are single and looking forward in search for your Prince Charming or Cinderella, and those who need a little more Love luck or “like-ability” from others, you might consider to start enhancing your Peach Blossom luck now. 

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