Friday, February 14, 2014

A Rivertrees Residences Story at Fernvale

5 Towers surrounding the Heavenly Heart water

In Traditional or Classical Feng Shui, a Good Feng Shui property should fulfill 4 Important Factors. They are the Environment, the building, the People and Time, and Rivertrees Residences could be gifted with these factors.

What the External Environment can offer?
With reference to the development and the waterway, the site could be receiving Early Heaven Water (先天水) from incoming water from the South. This provides a good indication that there are life energies in this area and it would usher good Health and People luck to the residents.

With close proximity to the Punggol Reservoir in the environment is not sufficient as the life energies cannot be collected and stay put in this site. What it needs is Mountains or higher grounds to “lock” these Energies from leaving and to circulate within the site.

In Urban or Suburban regions where at times there are no Mountains could be "seen", then Buildings could serve as “virtual mountains” or embraces. With reference to the current planned development in this region, Rivertrees Residences could be protected by its surrounding developments; i.e. the upcoming Riverbank @ Fernvale and Lush Acres Executive Condo development on the left, H2O Residences private condo on the right, and a future School – an Education Institution supporting from the back. 
Rivertrees Residences protected by the surrounding developments

In addition, it is further embraced by other residential developments at the outer external environment, surrounding this development.

What within the Site?
The 5 Towers in the development formed a U-formation surrounding and overlooking the swimming pools, which serves as a Bright-Hall (明堂) where it can gather life energy or Qi in the Heaven Heart (天心) of the development, and would bring great fortune and wealth to the residents in this development.

With a supportive external environment and building formation within, these are beneficial to the residents for the next 20-25 years, Feng Shui-wise.

Finally, it is about having the right people to complete the Feng Shui puzzle. 

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