Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Your Home with the Heavenly Water

A North-South facing Homes at Kovan Wellspring

Recently in the last HDB's sales exercise, much bigger size Build-To-Order (BTO) flats in the non-mature estates of Hougang were more oversubscribed, with a rate of 1 in more than 24 applicants for each available 4-room unit as published on their website, and one of the most well-received developments in Hougang is Kovan Wellspring.

Incoming Road from the Northwest denotes Wealth aspects

Using Kovan Wellspring as an illustration, besides being in the neighbourhood to many Public and Private residences, such as Stars at Kovan, Kovan Residences, it is also well located in close proximity to essential amenities, like Heartland mall, market and foods center, and most importantly the nearby Kovan MRT station.

Under the lens of Feng Shui, the North-facing units in this development, especially those along the Tampines Road, could be blessed with better wealth, financial matters, and general prosperity, owing to the incoming road from the Northwest.

Incoming Road from the West denotes People Matters

On the other side of the development, those South-facing units overlooking the Heartland mall, Market, and Food center, could perhaps enjoy better people matters, well-being, health, and relationships. This will only be possible if a new road is opened between the development and the neighborhood amenities.

A word of caution. The cross-junction in the northwest of the development where Simon Road, Upper Serangoon Road, and Tampines Road meets, can also be a negative feature to some of these units as it could violate the environmental affliction of the 8 Killings Force(八煞黄泉), so beware.

Kovan Wellspring with its North facing Homes overlooking Tampines Road

It can be confusing as on one hand, the incoming road from the Northwest can bring more wealth opportunities to those residents in the North facing homes, and yet it could be violating the environmental affliction of the 8 Killings Force. This is possible as, for example, one can strike rich, but at the same time also fall sick. 

The good news is that not all will be affected by the affliction. So if you are choosing the North-facing homes along Tampines Road in this development, be aware of the external features in the Northwest direction, and choose those units that do not violate this negative affliction.

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