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What is your Numbers?

The Life Chart is an Inverted-Triangle, known as the Tetraktys. Pythagoras, the “Father of Mathematics”, created the Tetraktys some 600 BC ago. It is both a mathematical idea and a metaphysical symbol.

"Numbers can reveal who you are, your actions at home or interactions with your family and others, as well as how others see you as an individual."

Here, this Inverted-Triangle is named as Life Chart; a name that I feel is earlier to call. The intent of using the Triangle is for educational and life analysis purposes only. It is not associated with or with an intent to violate others’ rights whom might be using this symbol as their Trade of sorts.

The Life Chart comprises numbers that are derived from your Date of Birth. It begins with the numbers that make up the Date of Birth of an individual. The numbers are added together by Pythagoras method of calculation, reducing it to a single digit.

The numbers that are within the Inverted-Triangle represent who you are, your actions at home or interactions with your family. And those numbers that outside represent what others see you, your approach to the external world.

An example of a Life Chart of an individual whom Date of Birth is 4 Feb 2010.
In this example, this person (Date of Birth: 4 Feb 2010) does not have any 7 in his chart, it shows that this person may not have many supporters or nobleman in life, hence external help is limited when in need. There are two 2s within the triangle. This means that this person likes to talk at home or has talkative nature, but may not be sociable and communicative with outsiders as there is no 2 outside the triangle.

Another example of a Life Chart of an individual whom Date of Birth is 10 Sep 1991.
In this example, this person (Date of Birth: 10 Sep 1991) have a lot of 1. If this is a woman, she is more “manly” or “boyish” as 1 is a man number. So how much is too much? If a number is appearing 3 or more in the life chart, then it is too much. In this example, there are five 1s in her chart. So if a man who has a lot of 2 in his chart, then he is more towards a soft and feminine person as 2 is a woman number.

Below is a summary of important keywords that relates to the Numbers 1 – 9, for ease of reference.
How to read this map?

Each number is represented by unique personalities and behaviors. As an example, if you have 6 in your Life Chart, then you are family-oriented, but also tend to be more money-oriented. And if you find difficulty in your business endeavors, then you might have missing 9 in your chart as this is a business number.

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