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Feng Shui for Property Investment

Why Feng Shui your Investment?
For Property investment, every investor will want their investment to appreciate over times with High Capital Returns, High Rental Yield, etc. And especially for Foreign Properties, selecting properties from a reputable Developer and Capital Preservation are key most important factors to consider as well. A typical investor will purchase the most affordable property of the same unit type in the development for higher rental yield, where else for own stay, they would prefer to own a ‘better’ unit, probably higher floor with a million dollar view, and if possible with a unique, better floor layout.

However, sad to say that Feng Shui of the property is taken lightly or never into consideration. They believe that Property Investment does not need Feng Shui as they do not stay in the properties.

When it comes to property investment, while some people consider Feng Shui as a belief or myth, many people also have their own Feng Shui perceptions of a property. As an investor, you must also consider who is your potential buyers or tenants as what you think might not be as important as what your potential buyers or tenants thinks about your property.

What happen if Feng Shui is bad?
But have you been wondering should your have invested in a unit for the purpose of earning passive income through rental, and you might encounter problems relating to or dispute with your tenants, and this could lead to a higher and more frequent tenancy turnover, then you might consider reviewing the Feng Shui of your property.

Whether for investment or own stay, I believe that you will still need “some degree” of Feng Shui on your Property, but of different perspective.

For own stay, besides ascertaining a conducive external environment, what inside the property also forms part of the Feng Shui equation, like whether the unit has a good layout with no missing sectors and whether it is beneficial to the occupants. For property investment, it is simply about location, location and location. In Feng Shui context, it is preferred to ascertain good landforms in the vicinity.

Illustration of 3 Central Regions where numerous activities are concentrated in this vicinity and properties prices in these areas are all time high. 

Example #1
Yarra River meeting Port Philip via the Hobsons Bay where Melbourne Central Business District is located in the Northern Bank of the Yarra River within the vicinity.

Port Phillip, Melbourne Australia

Example #2
Singapore River meeting the Kallang River and Rochor River at the Marina Bay, an area where Entertainment, Business and Government entities are concentrated in the vicinity of the Water Mouth (水口).

Marina Bay, Singapore
Example #3
The Snake-Like waterway formation of River Thames which meanders into the English Channel could be one of the contributing factors as a good external form, empowering prosperity to the various developments on both sides of the river bank. Should the River Thames is straight flowing, just wonder will the current outlook be the same?

River Thames, London and the developments along its river banks

Are you Ready for Property Investment?
As an investor, besides High Capital Returns and good Feng Shui for good fortune, you could also consider reviewing what's your Current Property Investment Outlook even before investing in a property as I believe nobody wants to fall into Financial Loss immediately after purchasing their choice property. With Qi Men (奇门), it can help to provide you with a snapshot of your investment decision as your "safety net" and a peace of mind.
A Forecasting Index that measures your Personal Property Investment Outlook with Qi Men.
What colour do you prefer?

An Ending Note….
People have many reasons to own a property. Some will need a roof over their heads, while some will want a property as an investment for Capital Gain and to hedge against Inflation. Whatever the reason, everyone will want their properties to grow in value, and one of ways to achieve is to enable your property to enjoy good Feng Shui so as to support ones' goals in life.

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