Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Discover your Wealth Spot

There is a Feng Shui saying: 气乘风则散,界水则止, where Life Energy or Qi disperses by Wind and gathers at the boundary of Water.

This means that in order to ensure Life energy or Wealth energy to stay and not disperse, water being a catalyst can be used to contain the Wealth energy. It will be ideal if your Main Door is where the Wealth energy resides. But what if it is not and resides in other sectors of your home; like in your Living/Dining, Study area, etc?

Generally, should the Wealth sector of your home is not located at your Main Door, you can still harness Wealth energy by installing water features or fish aquarium at the Wealth sector in your home. As Water is a double edge sword, one must take caution to ascertain the Wealth sector correctly to enhance Wealth energy. Installing water in the wrong location could also harness Negative energy or Sha-Qi, which could lead to undesirable impact to you and the occupants within the home related to Wealth and probably Health matters as well. So beware.

Using a 4RM BTO unit at Tampines Weave as an illustration, indicating the Wealth sector likely to be in the Living Area.

Things to remember:
In Feng Shui, the 3 most important sectors of your home are the Main Door, Bedroom and the Kitchen’s Stove. Consider Feng Shui remedial action should negative energies or Sha-Qi resides in these areas. But if these Sha-Qi are in other areas like the Toilet, Utility Room, etc, then you should not be too worried.

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Listen what’s your new Home is telling you

Friday, September 18, 2015

Which sides of the Water View would you prefer?

La Fiesta at Sengkang
As an illustration on Water Feng Shui, both properties A and B are facing their respective swimming pool but in different directions. Generally, Unit A is facing North while Unit B is facing South.  Both properties could enhance Wealth with water, but Unit A could be a better choice, and would enjoy good Feng Shui at least for the next 20 years without probable "side effects".

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