Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Unstoppable 3 Victories

The Keys to becoming unstoppable by tapping into your personal 3 Victories, enabling you to achieve critical success using these victories' power to the outcome you desire.

The 3 Victories comprises the 3 most vibrant positive energies under the lens of Qi Men Dun Jia. They are the Chief and 9 heaven deities, as well as the Life Door energies. 

As the name suggests, the 3 Victories would result in a powerful combination of these overlapping energies, that can give you the edge to leverage the outcome of any important activities you wish to undertake on this special energized day and set out to win. By utilizing these days, you will be able to become unstoppable in life.

3 Victory Components

The 3 Victory Palace (三胜宫) days or 3 Victory days in short are generic days that boost your energy as they can be personalized to you based on your Date of Birth. At the higher energy level, the outcome of any activity you undertake will generally be positive. Therefore, you are suggested to plan out the entire year marking these dates and schedule your important activities on these days, so that the outcome will lean towards the positive side and become favorable for you due to the enhanced energy level.

From Dec 7 till the end of the year, there are a couple of generic 3 Victory days that are supportive to everyone. So, make good use of these days, plan and leverage them for setting your personal goals for the coming year, business planning, new product or service launches, sales and marketing activities, starting a new course or learning journey, or any events winning to your favor.

The Day can further be enhanced with the Qi Men Nobility by sitting with your back against Southwest, aligning to the more vibrant energy for nobleman support.

Many are encouraged to set their Life Goals, 
but many also Fail to Realize them. 
Perhaps these Power Dates can help.

3 Victory Palace Days, aligning to Qi Men Daily Nobility direction

As the new year is just right around the corner, this is the time to plan and prepare for the right track to propel ahead and achieve them.

With the goals in mind, it will be preferred in executing your action at the right time to obtain maximum results that are favorable to you, and your 3 Victories days can be your keys to realizing them in the coming year.

The 3 Victory days have now been incorporated into the 2023 Business Planner.

For more illustrations on how you can better leverage your Personal 3 Victory days to your favorcheck this out here

In a Nutshell:
Leverage the power of the 3 Victory days to achieve critical success to the outcome you desire.

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