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An Untold Wealth story of a North-facing Home

Many developments whether in the past or recently are built in the North-South orientation. Coincidentally, this is also in line with the upcoming Qi transformation of Period 9 starting from 4-Feb 2024 till 2043.

Using Treasure at Tampines as an illustration, it is observed that based on its site plan, generally all the homes are built in the N-S facing, most of them are overlooking the water pools, except those facing either the Main road or the Highway.

Treasure at Tampines with Homes built in the North-South Orientation

As the Homes built in this Development is uniformly oriented, those units that are able to “see” water in the Southwest and/or North from their windows or balcony, can be rated with better Feng Shui capacity, where the residents will be blessed with bountiful of Wealth prospects.

Let go through a Case Study
5 Bedroom Homes with Main Door opens to wealth growth

Based on the Energy Map of this North-facing home in Period 9, this Unit A is facing the swimming pool in the North, and Main Door is opened in the Southwest sector.

Water in the North is not only favorable for wealth generation but also open to investment opportunities, specifically favorable for those in the entertainment, beauty, fashion, and creative or design industries. 

The double 9 in the energy map also indicates fostering good people luck relating to better health, and relationships matters. Asa matter of fact, the common bedroom where the double 9 resides is the most prosperous room as it could be the primary wealth sector of the home.

Unit B overlooking an open space from the balcony

On the other hand noticed that Unit B in the neighboring block, although it has the same facing as Unit A, its endeavors could be similar, but its capacity can be otherwise as water is not directly present outside its balcony. Nevertheless, Unit B can still be considered a relatively good unit, and a more detailed analysis can be useful to further increase its Feng Shui index enabling a more conducive home for the residents.

I must emphasize that the example above mentioned can generally apply to most North-facing homes, as Water in the North is one of the criteria for a property to be Period 9 compliant.

Whether the properties are low or high-rise, they are usually pre-built by the developers. Therefore, you will need more effort to select your dream home as it is more difficult to "align" your home to harness the energies in its environment.

As every Home tells a different story, know more about its story and potentials, especially those homes in the resale market, might save you many sleepless nightmares. 

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