Friday, September 17, 2021

Find out what Home attracts Wealth Problems?

Recently, I have a request from a homebuyer to check on a resale home that they are considering. They have viewed the apartment and revisited it recently. 

Although the wife loves the unit and its serene neighbourhood, somehow the husband feels a little uneasy and wary as something seems amiss but just not sure what it is. Hence, they decide to have a second opinion on this apartment just before sealing the deal.

Owing to the short notice, a Qi Men forecasting was done to assess the potential of the Home. The analysis reveals that this property could be a bad investment with weak or no wealth affinity, and most importantly there is a chance that the unit could also be influenced with some negative vibrational energies within, and these disturbances can be worsened if negative features can be seen in the external surrounding. 

Qi Men chart of a Property with no wealth affinity, 
and perhaps with negative vibrational energies

Based on the above chart, both A and B represent the Feng Shui quality of the House while C represents the Homebuyer. B indicates Wealth Loss, while A denotes that the presence of negative vibrational energies, perhaps in the Southeast sector of the house. 

The analysis shows that although in their mind, they "like" the apartment, it also indicates that this property could be a bad investment with weak or no wealth affinity, and most importantly there is a chance that the unit has some negative vibrational energies within. 

These disturbances can be worsened if negative features, such as dead or big trees preventing lights from entering into the house, old deserted, weird, or eerie structures, can be seen outside the house in the Southeast direction, or perhaps there is a sense of uneasiness when one is physically in the southeast sector of the house. This would invite "unwanted guests" or perhaps may denote the presence of existing ones, especially for older houses, or have been vacated for some time.

My advice is to check with the current homeowner again for more details about the unit before purchasing it as there could be more hidden stories than meet the eyes.

As every Home tells a different story, know more about its story and potentials, especially those homes in the resale market, might save you many sleepless nightmares. 

If you are currently facing similar endeavors as above mentioned, or perhaps you are in the midst of choosing your next dream home and want to know more about its story and potential before sealing the deal, perhaps I can help. More details here:

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