Sunday, November 25, 2012

Harnessing Heavenly water to enhance Wealth

North facing home receiving Later Heaven Water in the Northwest direction to enhance Wealth luck.

HDB has launched another 7 new Build-To-Order housing projects recently. With 6,463 of well mixed units type, ranging from Studio Apartments, 3-, 4-, 5-room flats, to choose from, one would be pondering which are the better units and of course selecting one that best suit you and your loved ones if you are considering picking up an unit in this “forest of units”.

Compassvale Mast in Sengkang is one of the BTO site in this recent launch. Most if not all the 9 residential blocks in this development are North-South facing, with a handful of them Northeast and Northwest facing.
Compassvale Mast in Sengkang is sited close to the town centre and amenities with mrt station connecting within the neighbourhood community as well as to the rest of the island

Using Compassvale Mast as an illustration, the North Facing unit in this site will be best to have waterway or roads coming towards and passing by your property from the Northwest direction. In Feng Shui context, you could be receiving “Later Heaven Water” (后天水) which governs Wealth matters. This would improve wealth luck and related opportunities. Based on the Aerial Map, the site is bounded by Sengkang Square and Sengkang East Road, which is coming from the Northwest in relation to this development.
An aerial map of Compassvale Mast in Sengkang with the incoming Road in the Northwest direction, which could conform to receiving Later Heaven Water benefiting the North Facing homes.

The following is a consolidated list showing the House Facing with their respective Later Heaven Direction.
List of House Facing with respect to their Later Heaven Direction
For example, if your home is South Facing, then your home’s Later Heaven Direction is in the Southwest; if it is facing Northeast, then the Later Heaven Direction is Southeast.

If the development comprises of many units, you as an interested buyer might consider the EZ-Property Selection Consultation to further ascertain which are the better residential units that better suits you and your family members as your Dream Home.

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