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Are you affected by Corporate Culture?

Are you affected by Corporate Culture?
In the corporate world, the human resource of the company will hire people based on their skill-set and experience that could contribute to increase the companies’ revenue. On the other hand, a newly joined employee who has the right skill-set and qualification might resign after barely a week or within their probation period from the company. It is not an issue that this person is not good enough for the job, but probably an issue that he or she might not be able to blend into the organization; it is about Corporate Culture.

In Metaphysics context, we could define Corporate Culture as Feng Shui. In Feng Shui perspective, with reference to our Year of Birth, we can be associated with a specific sector in the office.

For example, if you are born in 1958, the sector that is associated to you is the Northwest1 (NW1, 292.6 – 307.5 degree). If you are born in 1972, then you have a closer affinity with North2 (N2, 352.6 – 7.5 degree).

How to Measure?
You will need to invest in a compass. For those who owned an iPhone, you can make use of the Digital Compass function that comes with it in the phone. Simply measures where your associated sector with the compass with reference to where you are seated.

What to Watch out for?
As in the above example, for a person who is born in 1972 which is also the Year of the Rat, he or she is associated to the N2. It is preferred to have this sector “clear and clean”. Any negative forms or “threatening features” found in this area should be observed and beware as it indicates a telltale sign of disharmony. Negative features can be a structural pillar, a storeroom, a missing corner or sector as some offices may have an odd shape floor plan.
A Summary Listing that shows the specific sectors that
a person should beware of any negative forms

What does it means?
If it is a structural pillar, it would usually denote disharmony or obstacles in your work or with colleagues; a storeroom would mean you are more prone to being “trapped” in a situation, perhaps owing to an action you have taken or a decision you have made and you could not able to jump out of this situation easily. If there is a missing corner or sector and that area is also your associated sector, then you don’t seem to belong in that office as your sector is missing.

What can be done to resolve?
With this in mind, one should be more alert and observance, be more tolerant and keeping a low profile in whatever things or actions you do. You should also adopt a more positive mindset in confronting issues or problems that could arise.

Nevertheless, you could consider using a little Feng Shui help which might help to reduce the negative impact or bad influence.

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