Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finding a Good Feng Shui Property?

Map Location of Orchid and Vista Spring

Recently, I ran into a friend who is considering applying for a property in the recent new housing launch in Jan 2011. The selection of such property is based on a Map with the site plan showing the proposed location where the properties are to be developed. Typical Floor plans of the properties are also released to the home-seekers to assist them to better decisions in the selection of their ideal homes. This friend of mine then asks if I can share my views on the property selection, after all, 2 heads are better than 1.

After reviewing the Map Location and Site Plan of the recent Orchid Spring and Vista Spring to be built in Yishun, it reminds me of a verse that my Feng Shui Teacher used to tell the class years ago, and this verse was from the “Entering Earth Eyes” (入地眼) – an ancient Landform Feng Shui Classic.

The verse said: 入山寻水口,登穴看明堂. It literally means: “Go to the Mountain to find the Water Mouth, and when you are on a good meridian spot, look out for a Bright Hall”. Generally, it means that to search for a good plot of land or property, usually “Real Water”, like Rivers, Lake, etc would be sighted nearby. And to qualify for a good spot, there will usually have a big open space in front of the property to allow the Qi to gather, so that it would empower the surrounding, providing a more conducive living environment that benefits the residents.

This formation seems to conform to one of the San He Water Assessment Theory (四大水局). From the Map, the river flow is coming from the West, flowing past the property, and exiting to the Strait between North and Northeast. With this external structure together with a good property facing, it would foster scholastic and academic achievements.

In Period 8 (2004 - 2023), the Northeast region is the most auspicious. Development in this region will prosperous and property value will increase in the coming years.

The external environment plays a major role in determining a good living environment, or living space with good Feng Shui elements. Besides the environment, the shape of the Building or Property, the residents, and the Time factor also play an important part in Classical Feng Shui.

For those individuals who want to fine-tune their property with better Feng Shui, they can further tailor their property with Li Qi (理气) formula, like Xuan Kong Flying Star (玄空飞星), 8 Mansions Feng Shui (八宅风水) or the Yang House 3 Essentials (阳宅三要) Principles.

At the end of the discussion, I advise my friend to consider buying one of these units in the Housing selection exercise and try to get one that has a Southeast facing which is a good facing (金局生向), looking over the river and a wide open-space as Bright Hall (明堂) in front of the property where the Qi can gather.

Click here for those who are considering upgrading or getting a new flat in a few years' time.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beware the famous "Gang of 4" - Annual Afflictions in 2011 (年煞)

If you can recall in 2010, auspicious stars flew to the East and West sectors i.e. the 6 White Star in the East, and 1 White Star in the West . In additional, as the 8 White Star rest in the center palace, it formed an auspicious line of stars from East to West.

This year, in 2011, this line of stars from East to West has turn from "Good" to "Bad" as the Annual Afflictions for 2011 are ushered to the East and West Sectors, with the 7 Red Robbery Star in the center palace.

The Annual Afflictions for 2011 (Metal Rabbit year, 辛卯年) are as follows:
- 3 Killings sha (三煞) is at West (W, 247.6 deg – 292.5 deg)
- 5 Yellow sha (五黄) is at East (E, 67.6 deg – 112.5 deg)
- Grand Duke or Tai Sui (太岁) is at East (E2 , 82.6 deg – 97.5 deg)
- Year Breaker or Sui Po (岁破) is at West (W2, 262.6 deg – 277.5 deg)

How does it affects you?
It is best not to perform any renovations in these sectors this year, so as to reduce problematic issues, mishaps, health problems, bloodshed, injuries, etc. Although the 9 Purple auspicious Star will fly to the West sector,  which is also the secondary wealth sector in 2011, one can still use this area but need to avoid any renovations to be on the safe side. In addition, there should not have any negative features outside the West Sector, like electrical python, building edge, T-junction or any features or structures that look threatening or uncomfortable to your property.

If renovation is really needed, you will need to select the right date and time to counter or reduce the impact of these afflictions, or seek advice from a professional Feng Shui consultant to guide you.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Where is your Property Wealth Location (财位) in 2011?

There is a Chinese saying: 风水轮流转 (Literally Translated as: Feng Shui Varies with Time). What Good Feng Shui now can be Bad as Time Varies and vice versa. In Xuan Kong Flying Stars perspective, there is a Wealth Star (8 White Star, 八白). Every year, this star will 'fly' to different sectors of your property, and thus the wealth sector (财位) changes annually. In addition, there are also other 'auspicious stars', like the 9 Purple Star (九紫), 1 White Star (一白). Here the star refers to Qi or body of Qi.

In 2011, with the wealth star (8 White Star) flies to the Northwest sector, this is the Primary Wealth sector (财位) in 2011. If your home or office Main Door is located in the Northwest sector, you can expect to enjoy good financial return. If there is no door in this sector, just be there and use this place and you can still derive the positive benefits of the 8 While Star’s positive Qi by tapping into this sector.

Using the West sector may lead to promotions, new ventures, new beginnings and happy events. This sector is also the Secondary Wealth sector (副财位) in 2011 as the 9 Purple Star flies to the West sector.

For fostering better Nobleman and Relationship endeavours, you should use the Northeast sector, as the 1 White Star resides in this sector. This is also beneficial for career related pursuit and may also lead to the possibility of assistance from those around you and improving interpersonal interaction with others.

The 6 White Star is in the Southeast sector this year. Spending more time here will help you in your career advancement and promotion.

The 4 Green Star flies to the Southwest sector which brings favourable outlook for those in Scholar and Academic pursuit.

There are 3 sectors that you should avoid in 2011. They are the North, East and South sectors.

The 3 Jade Star lands in the North sector this year. It is a quarrelsome star, which creates constant arguments and bickering, as well as heated disagreements, and may lead to legal implications.

The 2 Black Star which flies to the South sector, is a sick star that may cause ill health. On the positive side, it fosters gains and investment through property and real estate industries.

The most dangerous sector of the year is in the East sector as the 5 Yellow Star flies there. It is advised to avoid important activities in this sector for the year.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Are you a Tiger or a Rabbit ?

This Year, Chinese New Year falls on 3 Feb 2011. Generally, most of the people will assume that this is the start of the Metal Rabbit Year (辛卯年). However, in the study of Chinese Metaphysics, the "change of animal sign" will only take place on the Start of Spring (立春) which is on 4 Feb 2011, 12:33pm. Hence, if a child is born before this time, then he or she is still a baby Tiger, a Metal Tiger.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Where is my Money?

Always people when consult a Destiny Analyst or Fortune Teller, will usually ask about their luck and endeavors ahead; women will usually ask about Relationship issue, while men will usually ask about Wealth and Career Luck. Frankly speaking, there is no quick-rich method, as one still needs to work hard and prepare oneself to grab any opportunity when it emerges. In the Science of Numbers, 6, 9 and 7 is the most important numbers relating to one’s wealth, success and luck respectively.

For example:
A person born on 14-Nov-1968 has the numbers of 6, 9 and 7; a lucky individual who has all the directions for Wealth, Success and Luck.
A 9 in the East suggests that this person will have a better chance to go towards East to look for his/her Success.
A 6 in the Southeast suggests that this person will have a better chance to go towards Southeast to look for his/her Wealth.
A 7 in the Southwest suggests that this person will have a better chance to go towards Southwest to look for his/her Luck.

Screenshot from the YourLifeStorywithNumbers – Personalized Report revealing the Southeast Direction as its Wealth direction and what action is required to achieve the Wealth.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese Metaphysical Science of physiognomy discipline, harnessing the natural energies or Qi (cosmic energies) through observations and analysis of the person’s living environment, to help oneself to achieve specific goals in their everyday lives.

To do so, Feng Shui studies the natural and man made landforms around our property, in order to first ascertain the type of Qi present, enabling us to tap into positive Qi, whilst avoiding the ill effects of negative Qi.

In the old days, Feng Shui was known as 堪舆, literally translated as Kan Yu, the observation of the forces between Heaven and Earth. Here, Heaven refers to the Astrological Space and Earth refers to our Mother Earth. At that time, Kan Yu was known as the practice of identifying good burial spots. The theories and principles were later applied beyond graves and burial spots to living properties and homes.

One must approach Feng Shui with an open-heart as it is neither religious nor spiritual, and it does not require to practise any enchanting or praying.

And when it comes to living properties and homes, Feng Shui allows us to know the When, What and How of both positive and negative Qi, and with that, the ability to use and avoid different type of Qi at different points of Time.

Within Classical Feng Shui, there are 2 major schools of thought – the San He school and the San Yuan school. These comprises various systems and principles like Flying Stars (Fei Xing-飞星), Eight Mansions (Ba Zhai-八宅), 64 Hexagrams (Xuan Kong Da Gua-玄空大卦), Dragon Gate Eight Formation (Long Men Ba Ju-龙门八局), etc.

Classical Feng Shui is also always practiced in tandem with Chinese Astrology, such as 4 Pillars of Destiny (Bazi-八字) or Purple Star (Zi Wei-紫微) Astrology and complemented by Face Reading (Mian Xiang-面相) and Date Selection (Ze Ri-择日).

Generally, Chinese Astrology can be used as a Diagnosis, and Feng Shui as a Prescription. A Classical Feng Shui Practitioner will ascertain the nature of the individual’s problems using their astrology chart, as well as observing their living environment, and then utilize an appropriate Feng Shui application to assist them in either resolving the problem or achieving their goal.

In summary, Feng Shui is an art of “assessing” the quality of life through observations and analysis of the persons’ living environment. It is not really about the Art of Object Placement, Interior Design, decorating your house with good luck objects, but it is about living in harmony with the environment and enriching lives.

In Feng Shui perspective, it is not just about being rich, finding the right husband or striking the lottery. It is neither a quick rich scheme nor a miracle cure, but try to approach it with a specific goal in mind; i.e. to harness the Qi in your environment in order to achieve your endeavors in life. You must still take action and work hard and Feng Shui will help you more. On the other hand, when you are undergoing a bad patch, then Feng Shui may help to reduce this negative impact.

The objective of Classical Feng Shui is to harness the positive Qi (Sheng Qi - 生气) and to avoid the negative one, so as to improve your life endeavours.

A Short Story on Feng Shui …
When it rains, the umbrella helps to protect you from getting wet, but you might still get wet and the degree of wetness depends on the quality of the umbrella and the intensity of the rain. Without one, you will simply been drenched. Here, Feng Shui is best described as the umbrella and the rain is the “obstacles” in your life.

Welcome to the Journey of Classical Feng Shui…and a good year ahead.

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