Friday, January 14, 2011

Where is your Property Wealth Location (财位) in 2011?

There is a Chinese saying: 风水轮流转 (Literally Translated as: Feng Shui Varies with Time). What Good Feng Shui now can be Bad as Time Varies and vice versa. In Xuan Kong Flying Stars perspective, there is a Wealth Star (8 White Star, 八白). Every year, this star will 'fly' to different sectors of your property, and thus the wealth sector (财位) changes annually. In addition, there are also other 'auspicious stars', like the 9 Purple Star (九紫), 1 White Star (一白). Here the star refers to Qi or body of Qi.

In 2011, with the wealth star (8 White Star) flies to the Northwest sector, this is the Primary Wealth sector (财位) in 2011. If your home or office Main Door is located in the Northwest sector, you can expect to enjoy good financial return. If there is no door in this sector, just be there and use this place and you can still derive the positive benefits of the 8 While Star’s positive Qi by tapping into this sector.

Using the West sector may lead to promotions, new ventures, new beginnings and happy events. This sector is also the Secondary Wealth sector (副财位) in 2011 as the 9 Purple Star flies to the West sector.

For fostering better Nobleman and Relationship endeavours, you should use the Northeast sector, as the 1 White Star resides in this sector. This is also beneficial for career related pursuit and may also lead to the possibility of assistance from those around you and improving interpersonal interaction with others.

The 6 White Star is in the Southeast sector this year. Spending more time here will help you in your career advancement and promotion.

The 4 Green Star flies to the Southwest sector which brings favourable outlook for those in Scholar and Academic pursuit.

There are 3 sectors that you should avoid in 2011. They are the North, East and South sectors.

The 3 Jade Star lands in the North sector this year. It is a quarrelsome star, which creates constant arguments and bickering, as well as heated disagreements, and may lead to legal implications.

The 2 Black Star which flies to the South sector, is a sick star that may cause ill health. On the positive side, it fosters gains and investment through property and real estate industries.

The most dangerous sector of the year is in the East sector as the 5 Yellow Star flies there. It is advised to avoid important activities in this sector for the year.

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