Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beware the famous "Gang of 4" - Annual Afflictions in 2011 (年煞)

If you can recall in 2010, auspicious stars flew to the East and West sectors i.e. the 6 White Star in the East, and 1 White Star in the West . In additional, as the 8 White Star rest in the center palace, it formed an auspicious line of stars from East to West.

This year, in 2011, this line of stars from East to West has turn from "Good" to "Bad" as the Annual Afflictions for 2011 are ushered to the East and West Sectors, with the 7 Red Robbery Star in the center palace.

The Annual Afflictions for 2011 (Metal Rabbit year, 辛卯年) are as follows:
- 3 Killings sha (三煞) is at West (W, 247.6 deg – 292.5 deg)
- 5 Yellow sha (五黄) is at East (E, 67.6 deg – 112.5 deg)
- Grand Duke or Tai Sui (太岁) is at East (E2 , 82.6 deg – 97.5 deg)
- Year Breaker or Sui Po (岁破) is at West (W2, 262.6 deg – 277.5 deg)

How does it affects you?
It is best not to perform any renovations in these sectors this year, so as to reduce problematic issues, mishaps, health problems, bloodshed, injuries, etc. Although the 9 Purple auspicious Star will fly to the West sector,  which is also the secondary wealth sector in 2011, one can still use this area but need to avoid any renovations to be on the safe side. In addition, there should not have any negative features outside the West Sector, like electrical python, building edge, T-junction or any features or structures that look threatening or uncomfortable to your property.

If renovation is really needed, you will need to select the right date and time to counter or reduce the impact of these afflictions, or seek advice from a professional Feng Shui consultant to guide you.

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