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An Untold Story of Serangoon North Vista

Your home's Feng Shui quality is closely intertwined with its external surroundings, accounting for a remarkable 70% of its overall harmony and prosperity.

Siteplan of Serangoon North Vista

Exploring the Serangoon North Vista Site Plan, we find that the incoming road from the Northwest bestows residents with the incredible blessings of good health and enriched interpersonal connections. However, this Feng Shui advantage isn't universal, and not all residents get to enjoy these benefits.

Both Units A & B have the same orientation facing Southwest

Take, for instance, the Period 9 Southwest-facing homes at Serangoon North Vista, such as Units A and B. Though they share the same 4-room layout and orientation towards the picturesque landed enclave, their fates take distinctly different paths.

Both Units A and B are conveniently situated near the development's main entrance/exit, but their Feng Shui destinies diverge significantly. Unfortunately, Unit B encounters a less favorable alignment, running afoul of the Eight Killing Force's environmental affliction. This misalignment could potentially bring about injuries, health issues, and financial setbacks.

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