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The Story of Eunos Court

Generally, the homes at Eunos Courts are generally North, South, and East facing homes in Period 8.

Siteplan of Eunos Court and its vicinity

Using a North-facing home as an illustration, this 4-room home has an auspicious double 8s at its frontage based on Xuan Kong principle. Should there be water in the frontage, this brings about general wealth and prosperity to all the occupants in the household. 

This is a good feature in Period 8, but will gradually decrease when entering Period 9 which starts from 4-Feb 2024.

On a positive note, some of these units could also be benefiting from the 7-Star Robbery (七星打劫) formation. This is a good Feng Shui formation that could bless the residents with good fortune, transiting to the next 20 years and beyond. 

Hence, although the homes in Eunos Court will be ready for occupancy this year and it is also the last year of Period 8, some of these homes could still be prosperous in Period 9.

Both A & B have the same layout but mirrored each other.

In this development, it is observed that the 4-room homes generally have the same floor plan and size, but some of the homes are mirrored, whether North, South, or East facing.

For example, both A and B are North-facing Homes in Period 8. Although they have the same floor plan and size, their layout mirrored each other. The Residents staying in these homes could encounter very different endeavors in life under the lens of Feng Shui.

Based on the site plan of Eunos Court, watch out for the roads entering and exiting its vicinity as the homes could be violating the environmental affliction of 8 Roads to Destructions (八路黄泉). So beware.

As every Home tells a different story, know more about your home story and its potential, or perhaps begin a new journey with your dream home right the first time.

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