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What to watch out if Landed is your Dream Home?

Landed enclave with bountiful of residential homes

There is a Chinese Saying: 有地就有黄金. It literally means that if you have land, you will have gold. In Feng Shui perspective, when your house is well located in a good external environment, you and your loved ones staying in this house can benefit from it completing and not sharing with others, as you own the land and is "solely dedicated” to you and your loved ones. 

Hence, for the landed houses, the good and bad endeavors owing to Feng Shui will be more prominent when compared to a condominium or apartment sitting on the same piece of land.

If you are looking for a landed house as your dream home, you might want to know what are the negative features or forms that need caution.

As landed houses are usually low-rise; about 2-4 storeys tall, they could be exposed to more negative forms; such as lampposts, trees outside their houses. In a landed enclave where houses are generally terraces, semi-detached, cluster houses, etc, their roofs could be seen just outside the windows. These are commonly known as Xing-Sha (形煞).

For example.
The roofs sticking out behind the blue installation could be creating a Peeking Tom Sha (探头煞) which may lead to wealth loss.

Overlooking the roofs of other houses for afar

In addition, incoming roads, road exits, and junctions could also be part of the Feng Shui equation as positive or negative forms. These can be a catalyst to improve your wealth and career luck or otherwise.

House facing a T-junction Road

Generally, the negativity could affect the well-being and wealth opportunities of the residents depending on the severities where it could be further aggravated by the annual afflictions, such as the Grand Duke (Tai-Sui 太岁), Three Killings Sha (
三煞) or Five Yellow Sha (五黄煞). This is more destructive especially there are huge construction works in your vicinities.

Massive construction works that can progress over many years

Generally, a mix of different Feng Shui techniques could be engaged in a
ssessing the quality of landed properties when compared to assessing apartments or condominiums, as the emphasis of analysis varies.

For example, if the Feng Shui setup of the house is more auspicious to have the main door align in a specific direction, prepare a couple of degrees to the right, then landed homes can have the flexibility to make such adjustments, and not for an apartment.

If you are building your own house ground up, you will have the flexibility to construct your house with a layout that is not only able to optimize harnessing the natural positive energies in the environment but also able to support your life endeavors and business goals, etc. 

If you are interested to know more about how to select your choice home, you can watch some of my videos on Home Selection tips. Hope these can give you some insight into choosing your dream home.

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