Tuesday, November 9, 2021

How can you tell if someone is a 'Wolf in Sheep's Skin'?

Ever heard of the story: A wolf in sheep's clothing?
This number combination: 53 or 35 in the life chart describes just this. They are sensitive, angry very fast, easily provoked and they do things back your back.

More Stories:
People with this Number combination could have 1 or more of the following stories...
* They may seem innocent, but they have ulterior motives.
* They’ll use different tactics to camouflage their intentions from you.
* They may be kind to you but undercuts you when you aren’t aware.
* They might pick your ideas and then possess them as their own.
* They live to take power instead of empowering others.

Sound familiar?
They could be your friends, fellow colleagues, people around you, in fact everywhere. So beware.

If you have this number combination, it will be favorable to be more compassionate and truthful to people surrounding you, treat them with respect and a genuine heart, and not with evil thoughts. If your child has this, it will be good to educate and nurture them towards the right path as well.

The Enhancer Numbers
The life chart also shows that the 'wolf in sheep's skin' trait can be further amplified and complemented with other number combinations in the charts. 

45 is a number combination that indicates people would plan any decision or action made by them, even if it encounters obstacles or unprecedented problems, and they will succeed. Hence people with this number combination will usually plan with a motive, and this further supports the "wolf in the Sheep's skin' trait.

A Double 7 complemented with a Double 3, could mean people can be more flirtatious than others, and being in the limelight, can attract lots of supporters or fans to their lives. This could also indicate people with 35 or 53 in their chart, could probably leverage their supporters to his or her favor. So beware.

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