Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wealth Series: Wealth Door for Alkaff Courtview @ Bidadari

Generally, Southwest, Southeast, East and Northwest are the Best Doors for a Period 8 Southeast facing Homes. These directions have good facing stars with Wealth energy. Select one of these doors based on your Life Gua. If one of these directions is also one of your Personal Good Directions, you could be lucky with money! However, avoid choosing a door that faces South and especially West as it will activate negative energy!

Using the 4-rm units in Alkaff Courtview @ Bidadari as an illustration, do you know which unit will be blessed with a “Wealth Door” and which one has the more unfavourable door, especially a “Bad Door” that would affect your wealth endeavours?

Do you know which Unit(s) are blessed with the Wealth Door?
Click here for more details for selecting a Good Value Investment and your Dream Home with Feng Shui and Qi Men.

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