Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Are you Doubling your Risk in Health?

In this current time especially with the Covid-19 outbreak at the brink of becoming a Global Pandemic, getting healthy is most important, especially for people born in the year of the Horse.

Consider avoiding using the South sector when possible this year, especially this month where the negative impact of this sickness energy will be double, and in some days will triple. To make the negativity even worse, the Three Killings (三煞) annual affliction is also residing in the South this year.

Besides the Horse, there are also others who need to be more health cautious as their immune system could be low this year. Find out who they are in my earlier article here:

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Monday, March 2, 2020

What is so fearful seeing a Double 5?

If the Annual Five Yellow star(五黄煞) residing in the East sector is unfavorable, then the arrival of the Monthly Five Yellow star in the month of March, can even aggravate this sector to a new level of negativity. In other words, there are 2 Five Yellow stars residing in the East sector in the same month, where the energies are extremely negative between 5 Mar and 3 Apr. So beware. 
Monthly and Annual Flying Star Chart (Mar 5 - Apr 3, 2020)

So, what is so fearful about this Double 5 in the East?
Let refer to a past event 9 years ago. If you remember the March 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, where this catastrophic event claimed thousands of lives and many went missing. That year was also the time where the Annual and Month Five Yellow star(五黄煞) resided in the East sector. Many will claim that it is merely a coincidence but observing the current crisis in Asia and afar, unpleasant events have happened and seem still happening. 

Although we can't manage the macro situation, we can still micromanage our lives and loved ones. So beware of your activities in the month of March this year.

If you are currently encountering unpleasant issues and suspect you might have disturbed the Five Yellow star, such as recurring health issues after being treated, or perhaps conflicts or problems occurring among the family members and with others after moving into a new house or have done a renovation work in the East sector of your home, and also if your home is East facing.

This can be likely a Feng Shui issue and it is recommended to seek professional Feng Shui help to remedy this situation.

Important to Note:
This is for the Metaphysics enthusiasts. Check this out.
There is a saying: "One is a Wanderer, Two is a Company, Three is a Crowd, and perhaps Four is a Party." With that, there will be a day and time where the Daily and the Hourly Five Yellow Stars will meet their Annual and Monthly Counterparts in the month of March. This is when all Five Yellow Stars meet in the same sector at the same time where the negative impact can be further intensified, and we don't want to participate in this party. So beware.

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