Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Rise of Canberra Precinct

Parc Canberra and Canberra Vista are recent Sales Launch at Canberra Precinct

The recent sales launch of Executive Condominium and Build to Order new public housing development have thrown Canberra precinct into the limelight, such as the Parc Canberra, Canberra Vista.

Canberra Vista which is located along Canberra Drive will comprise 1467 new homes with unit types ranging from 2-room Flexi, 3-, 4-, 5-room, and 3Gen flats.

Parc Canberra which opens for booking on 15 Feb, has seen more than 60% of the available units been taken up over the first 2 days. It comprises of 10 residential blocks, housing  496 new homes with wide unit mixes ranging from 2-bedroom + Study to 5-bedroom homes, with some types build with utility and yard.

Parc Canberra - new Executive Condominium at Canberra Walk

Some homebuyers will feel that the prices of these new homes are attractive compared to the earlier similar launches, and perhaps being located in a relatively good location.

In Feng Shui, a good location should observe 5 features in its external environment; ie. the Mountain ranges, Mountains/hills, Water, the Meridian Spot, and the Orientation. In Canberra precinct, it has gotten at least 2 out 5, which is the Mountains/Hills and Water as there is a Chinese saying:山管人丁水管财. A place with closed-proximity to these features could be blessed with good fortune for wealth and abundance, fostering a better living condition. This, in turn, can improve one's endeavors, and perhaps could mean adding a few more zeros to the back of a paycheck amount or perhaps business networth.

Auspicious Landforms at Canberra Precinct

To improve and further maximize the potential from this location, you might want to select your choice home with the right orientation or facing, with the right Feng Shui knowledge of course. This is also where the Feng Shui practitioner comes in to help in this assessment.

Do you know which homes or who will better benefit from the water bodies?

For those who are interested to start their family in Canberra Precinct, consider seeking Professional Feng Shui advice for the first right experience with your dream home as every home tells a different story.  So begin with a good one. Read more here.

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