Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Is your Health Profile at Risk in 2020?

With strong Water and Metal in the Metal Rat year could denote people are more prone to contracting illness relating to these elements; such as health problems relating to the Lung, Kidney, and Bones, etc. Hence, more respiratory and diabetic cases could be on the rise. People with existing illnesses relating to the heart, blood and perhaps the stomach may also have to be cautious. Be more attentive to your well being,  and schedule for your regular health check proactively.

People who may be more prone to health problems this year are those born in the year of the Tiger, Dog, Ox, Snake and especially the Pig where the Sickness Charm (病符星) 'visit' them this year. 

If the South sector is your bedroom, family area or any living space, people born in the above-mentioned zodiac signs are advised to stay away from this sector or at least using this living space less often where the Sickness star or energy resides this year.

Besides the year, perhaps people born in the month, day or hour of these animal signs could be affected as well. So beware.

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Take care, be Healthy and Safe...

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