Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Activating the Environment for Wealth and Abundance

I was at my client’s new office last week for a followup visit, and he asked me if there still a need to “add on” any Items to further enhance his office’s Feng Shui. 
My answer to him is simply a short reply: 
The external that you have is all you need.”

In Classical Feng Shui, it is not about what items or figurines to place, what’s the color of the window blinds you need to install, or perhaps what type of sofa or electrical appliances you need to have to make Feng Shui works.
Sometimes less is more. You don’t need to populate your home or office with any Chinese auspicious items, like dragons and lions, etc to enjoy good Feng Shui.
As a matter of fact, the external environment plays an important role as part of the Feng Shui equation.
Besides the external Environment, the Building structure, the People aspect and most importantly the Time factor are vital and essential contributors in this Ancient Wisdom.

Sharing with the class about the 4 important factors of Classical Feng Shui

If you are currently moving into a new house or office, perhaps you may want to seek professional advice on Feng Shui. More details here.

Your Life Compass for a Smooth Path Ahead

Your Life Compass for a Smooth Path Ahead
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