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Which Property facing is Best for Wealth in Period 8?

Lower Cycle, Period 8 starts from 2004 - 2023 

Generally, in Period 8 which starts from 2004 - 2023, properties facing Southeast, Northeast, Northwest and Southwest are most preferred as mentioned in most Feng Shui classical texts.

With good external environment, as well as appropriate placement of water and supportive home layout, it could usher good Wealth opportunities as well as good People luck to the residents.

Using the 2 recently launched Period 8 landed development; The Shoreline Residences I and II and Haus @ Serangoon Garden as illustrations, these development comprising of units that are generally Southwest and Northeast facing. Some of the units have good supportive home layout, conforming to Feng Shui Principles.

The Shoreline Residences I and II
comprising of 16 units of 3-Storey Terrace Dwelling Houses with SW and NE facing,
located in Sembawang.

Haus @ Serangoon Garden
a housing development comprising of 97 units of 2-Storey Terrace Dwelling Houses, with SW and NE facing,
located in a prestigious landed estate in the North

About Period 8…
To define what is Period 8, it will be good to first talk about What is "3 Cycles 9 Periods". 

The “3 Cycles 9 Periods” (三元九运) is about cyclical Qi transformation which made up of 3 cycles of 60 years and in each 60 years, it is further grouped into 3 periods of 20 years.

The “3 Cycles” (三元) are classified into the Upper Cycle, Middle Cycle and Lower Cycle, and every cycle can be defined as 60 years. Since there are 3 cycles, these are summed up to 180 years. When the 180 years are reached, the cycles will “restart” and commences from the Upper Cycle all over again.

As for the “9 Periods” (九运), it can be defined as Period 1, Period 2, ….Period 8, Period 9. Starting from 1864, every period governs 20 years. Currently, we are in the Lower Cycle, Period 8 (下元八运) which begins from 2004 till 2023.

A Chart showing the "3 Cycles 9 Period" (三元九运).
Starting from 1864, every 60 years as 1 cycle and every 20 years as 1 period.
We are currently in the Lower Cycle, Period 8

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Friday, August 17, 2012

More details about a person contacting Heart related problem?

While browsing through the newspapers one day, I saw an article of an individual passed away owing to a heart attack. This reminds me of an ex-colleague who has similar endeavour but has survived and hopefully is fully-recovered. I wish him well.
A person born on 20 Apr 1966, with missing 3 and 8 in the "Health Region" marked in Green
Out of curiosity, I have reviewed his Life Chart, and it seems that he has a missing 3 and 8 in the "Health region" marked in green. In Numbers, these numbers represent fire element, and a missing fire element could denote heart-related problems, which conforms to his heart illness that happened few years ago, although some might claim that it is a mere coincidence.

More about heart-related problem..
If there is fine and clear horizontal lines cutting across the region between the eyes (red dot), and the tongue also has lines, then he is more prone to heart related problem. This can further be confirmed if there is a “blue ring” surrounding the pupil (eye) and also a line can be seen at the earlobe area. If you have the abovementioned signs, then you should consider a regular health check.
Lines cutting across the red dot are more prone to Heart-related problem

Knowing a little more about him..
Although there is hardly any interaction with this ex-colleague, but looking at his gesture and communication with others, as well as based on his Life Chart, it is not difficult to observe tell-tale sign of some of his unique personal traits.

He is a Root #1 person who can be an analytical and detailed leader. With a double 4, it shows that he is a planner and a thinker. With 2 sets of 57 combinations, he also tends to have many rich friends and/or meet and deal with high-ranking government servants. This is just some of the personal traits based on his Date of Birth, although there are more to tell in this Life Chart.
A Root #1 person with a double 4 and 2 sets of 57 combinations

A Word of Caution:
A person who has 2 sets of 57 combinations also denotes he/she could give obstacles to people and vice versa; i.e people could also give him/her obstacles. It might also lead to legal or court cases.

Who also has a Double 57 combination?
He is an American professional golfer whose achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time. Formerly the World No. 1, he was the highest-paid athlete in the world according to Forbes for several years. Click here to know more about him. 
Source from Wiki.
A Root #1 person with a double 57 combination 

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