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May the Stars be with you in 2014?

The 4 Auspicious Stars and 4 Bad Stars in 2014 - Wood Horse Year (甲午年)
Every year there is a couple of very important guests who will be paying us a home visit. Some are “Good” guests while some are “Bad”.

Where are the “Bad Guys”?
The 4 unwelcome "guests” (四大凶星) in the lists are the Five Yellow (五黄), Grand Duke (太岁), Year Breaker (岁破) and Three Killings (三煞). They are known as the Annual Afflictions and in the coming 2014, they will be “flying” into your home from different directions.

The Check-In list of the Annual Afflictions is as follows:
5 Yellow (五黄) in the Northwest
Grand Duke (太岁) in the South
Year Breaker (岁破) in the North
3 Killings (三煞) in the North

How does it affect you?
It is best not to perform any renovations in these sectors in 2014 so as to reduce problematic issues, mishaps, health problems, bloodshed, injuries, etc. especially for houses that have North-South and Northwest-Southeast facing which is preferred not to do any major renovation not only for the above-mentioned sectors but for the entire house.

An Illustration of an analysis with the “Bad Guys”
In this 2 Bedroom unit, the 5 Yellow being in the Northwest sector is resided at the Main Door. This is not a good sign as the occupants will have to be more cautious about their well-being and wealth related matters in 2014. In additional, the 3 killings and Year Breaker are both located in the Dining area. As for the Grand Duke, it is located in the Bathroom, which may not create much of an impact this year. Nevertheless, it is advisable not to do any renovation, especially in the affected areas this year.
A 2 Bedroom Unit with the 4 Annual Afflictions (四大)

Who are the Good Guys?
Although there are unwelcome guests, there are also the good ones knocking at your door. These are the Sun (太阳), Moon (太阴), Dragon Virtue (龙德) and Fortune Virtue (福德).  These are the 4 Auspicious Stars (四大吉星)  and will be residing in to the following sectors:
Sun (太阳) in the Southwest
Moon (太阴) in the West
Dragon Virtue (龙德) in the Northeast
Fortune Virtue (福德) in the East

Here, these 4 good guys are actually auspicious energies residing in their respective sectors, and will change positions every year. You should tap to these energies and benefit from them to achieve your goals and objectives; like seeking better opportunities, improves wealth or health related endeavors, etc. If your workroom or study room is located in one of these good sectors, then my advice to you is to spend time or work in these areas more often, and you could be looking forward for a better year ahead. 

An Illustration of an analysis with the “Good Guys”
In this 3 Bedroom unit, it seems that all the good guys are well-located in all the essential areas; i.e. the Dragon Virtue resides at the Main Door area, while the Sun and Moon are located in the Bedrooms, the Fortune Virtue in the Kitchen. If they are using these sectors, which I believe so as these sectors are the essential areas of the house, the occupants could be blessed with these good energies in 2014 this year, and in turns improves their well-being and wealth-related endeavors.
A 3 Bedroom Unit with the 4 Auspicious Stars (四大吉星)

A Word of Hope ....
May the Good Stars be with You …

The 2014 almanac revealing the Energies Distribution of the year.
Generally the East and West are the Better Sectors while the North is an area that needs caution.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Home Plan Series: A Puteri Cove Residences Story

The article hopes to serve as examples to help Homeowners and new House-buyers to better understand their Dream home with the help of their property’s Floor Plan and Classical Feng Shui principles. Every Home tells a story. What is yours?
Puteri Cove Residences - located in Puteri Harbour, Iskandar Malaysia.
Click here (Case#24: Stories of Good-Value Properties) to know more about this development.

Of the 3 Towers, do you know which one has a Better Feng Shui?
Using a 2 Bedroom + Study Apartment in Puteri Cove Residences as an illustration for an Internal Feng Shui Case Study assessment. It is also assumed that this is a Northeast-facing apartment overlooking the Marina.

Generally, this apartment can be a relatively good unit for the next 10-20 years till 2043 or Period 9, enjoying good Feng Shui. The Main Door, Kitchen, Dining/Living are well-located in the good sector of the unit. From the initial assessment, Bedroom2 is best suit as work/study room. The Master Bedroom could need a little “realignment” to enable it to be more functional as a place to rest for the day.

Home Plan of a 2 Bedroom + Study Apartment in Puteri Cove Residences indicating the good and less favourable sectors
Just wondering what would be the Feng Shui analysis if the apartment next door where its unit layout is usually a “mirrored” image. In this case, Master Bedroom will be well-located in the North sector where the illustrated Living area is located as shown above, while the Main Door will be in the South sector.

A Word of Caution:
The above analysis is an illustration of a simple Feng Shui analysis based on the internal forms of the unit. This is only one aspect based on Xuan Kong Flying Stars. The external environment which contributes a more important part in a Feng Shui assessment, has not been taken into consideration.

Lastly, as most of the units in Puteri Cove Residences are either facing the Marina or Sea View, do you know which facings will benefit the residents better with reference to the water location, Feng Shui per se?

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